The phone rings or vibrates again. Who wants us? Who is bothering again? It will be without debate… Similar responses, depending on our current attitude, are obviously known to each of us. The rule of thumb is followed by a glimpse of a more or less clever device on which some unfortunates are even dependent. In most cases, the display of our mobile phone will immediately satisfy the curiosity, so we can decide whether to answer the call or reach for the button with the red symbol. Sometimes more difficult decision-making occurs in the case of a number that is not stored in the memory of the mobile or sim-card. Maybe you also 

Take or not take an unknown number?

On the one hand, in today's world of surplus information and a flood of advertising offers, this may prove to be a comfortable and understandable tool for filtering out essential messages from unimportant messages, but we never know in advance whether we will miss a call that we wouldn't want to miss. Moreover, in the case of a telephone number used for both private and business purposes, seldom can afford to override a program call from a counterpart (customer, co-worker, office,…) whose number is not stored, or who just calls from another number.


When the display fails

But let us stop at the generally less common situation, which may cause even greater problems and inconveniences. It may happen that neither the name nor the number appears on the display. Instead, a notification like "hidden number," "no ID," "private call," and so on will pop up. In some cases, the caller may not know that he or she may have the function of not displaying his / her number to the called party. In many other cases, however, by not sending his / her phone number, the sender of the call is able to track and often track. What is specifically intended by the counterparty? How to resist this eventually? What to do if someone is truly following us in this way?


Motivation for concealing a phone number

As already indicated, there is no need to upset each time you receive a call from a so-called secret number. However, caution is without debate on the spot and except in cases of innocence (some people find it funny to catch friends or acquaintances by calling from a hidden number), logical (you can understand why eg the police use the service), or accidental (surely you came across your neighborhood, who called from a hidden number without knowing it?) There are lots of potentially dangerous motivations why a caller doesn't want the recipient to see who's calling him. The aim of the article is not to frighten, but in this sense there is a typical model situation where the originator of harassing or even illegal behavior using the function of not sending a mobile number, most often from an anonymous prepaid card, a welcome tool, for example: stalking - systematic harassment, often through various communication technologies, bullying, intimidation, blackmail, persecution, etc. Although it is now self-confident to say that every experience is good, the truth is a similar experience, ie to be a victim of telephone stalking, for example none of us If something like this happens, one should try to use every legal possibility so that the inconvenience (already depressing and stressful) does not become worse. What measures or solutions, apart from more general advice such as ignoring and preventing, are offered? that is, to be a victim of telephone stalking, for example, no one of us is worth it, and if this happens, one should try to use every legal option so that the inconvenience (already depressing and stressful) does not become worse. What measures or solutions, apart from more general advice such as ignoring and preventing, are offered? that is, to be a victim of telephone stalking, for example, no one of us is worth it, and if this happens, one should try to use every legal option so that the inconvenience (already depressing and stressful) does not become worse. What measures or solutions, apart from more general advice such as ignoring and preventing, are offered?


Will the operator relieve us?

Many of us would have thought to turn with confidence and hope in an uncompromising solution to the inconvenient situation to our telecommunications service provider, a mobile operator. In the past, almost every operator has handled such cases with its customers and will find processed procedures and technical tools to help the terrorized client. Unfortunately, it is not so simple and self-saving in practice as expected. It can be seen that the operator sends the customer directly to the police. When a person is more fortunate, he is offered a service based on, in simple terms, precisely identifying the hidden number from which the annoying contact comes. This way, you will be able to, for a fee, get to the phone number and personal data of the stalker. At this point, however, assistance from the operator ends. Then it's up to us as we do with it, and it is of course advisable to contact the police. Probably everyone would think that blocking the default problematic phone number would also be a welcome help. However, none of the operators allows this, according to available sources.


Will the police serve us?

Furthermore, the above-mentioned report to the police is offered. In this context, it is difficult to assess the spectrum and effectiveness of the various techniques available to the police in order to catch up with a telephone persecutor and subsequently to prove criminal conduct, as the police will not publicly show off their know-how for tactical reasons. From an amateur point of view, however, it can be assumed that in similar cases it is not easy to indicate in advance the seriousness of the offense, while other attention seems to be devoted to investigations into suspected offenses on the one hand and offenses on the other. Many people do not want to contact the police because of the fear of underestimating the situation on their part.


How about a mobile app?

This should be eventually help from outside, ie from the operator and eventually the police. Surprisingly, for some, downloading a mobile application created for this purpose might not be the right solution either because one of the operating system vendors prohibits similar services or is not very functional in the case of another vendor. Do you realize that there was too much of the bad news on the topic? Can we help ourselves effectively and skillfully? The answer is: definitely yes!


Smart dictaphones as an effective solution

Highly developed voice recorders that record calls while on the phone are an effective helper in detecting annoying telephone contact The recording of the call in question can also serve as valuable and irreplaceable evidence, for example in the case of intimidation, persecution, corruption or other behavior that is unlawful. Using Esonic BR-20 Dictaphone or the MQ-U2 offered by our online store is much wider and does not have to be just about detecting offenders and obtaining evidence. It can also be used, for example, for archiving records or important meetings, which must then be recorded. Nothing complicated to control. Another good news is that these professional voice recorders place almost no demands on the technical fitness of their users. To record a telephone call, you only need to place the recorder on your mobile phone and connect it using a so-called 'jack', a connector in its most common 3.5 mm variant. Recording is activated in a single movement. In addition to its primary function, an affordable device can offer other benefits. Among the interesting ones, let's name a great battery life allowing recording up to 20 hours of recording. Similarly, the MQ-U2 recorder relies not only on high quality sound (64 kbit / s), but also on the quality of processing and the technical sophistication of South Korean production. Also interesting is the noise detection feature, when the device starts recording only when there is sound around it. In addition to the MQ-U2, we offer other interesting mini-recorders that are worth your attention.


Privacy Protection? Let's not rely on others!

We have only one privacy, and annoying phone calls can really disrupt it in a fundamental way. The introduced product of a specialized voice recorder primarily intended for call recording is thus an affordable and useful new product especially for those who realize that privacy is not as self-evident as it seems at first sight to media unknown people.


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