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Have you purchased Earphone and have a problem with its use? Here you can find solutions to common problems that may occur.

PROBLEM: The handset is noisy but can not hear the call

  • Make sure that the induction loop paired with a mobile phone
    if the Bluetooth inductive loop switching tlačíko long press (about 10-15 seconds). This would be the loop switch to pairing mode. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for the device (will be called H500, H500 Motorola, T-LOOP or TE-51). After pairing Allow someone to call you. Now, however, do not answer the call button on the phone but briefly pressing the pairing button on the loop. This should be a call to join a loop paired with your phone.
  • Make sure that the induction loop charged
    if not charged, so her first charge (about 2 hours and try again).

PROBLEM: The caller can not hear anything (or noise)

  • Check whether the headphone speaker something dirty
    look to the headphone hole. If the hole is clean and it should be seen inside, where it should be visible metallic glint. If no flare see handset is probably clogged and needs to be very carefully cleaned.
  • Replace the battery in the handset

PROBLEM: The sound in the earpiece is incomprehensible and "grunting" in it

  • Lower the volume on the induction loop
    , this problem may occur with inductive loops with 3W amplifier. At a time when the volume is too high, it may begin to rattle in the handset. By reducing the volume should therefore issue.

PROBLEM: The sound in the earpiece is low

  • Make sure the handset is not clogged
    Even a tiny bit of dirt in the handset can significantly reduce the sound quality.
  • Try to use the induction loop amplifier
    If you use a basic model without induction loop amplifiers, it may be for someone earpiece insufficient. We recommend that existing Jabber exchange for a loop with an amplifier. Respectively. place the loop closest to the handset (the closer, the better the sound quality)
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