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Complete security of mobile communication

Mobile phone use every day. We are informed him into sensitive data. It is in our presence when we are talking about confidential matters and it just has become a part of us. Few people are realizing that the mobile phone is a good servant but it can also be a bad master.

The mobile phone is currently the biggest security threat majority of the population, and especially those who hold high positions and know about the information that may be of value to someone else.

Threats associated with using your mobile phone

THREAT: Tapping the phone around in your office
with the cooperation of mobile operator, or using GSM interceptor is possible to activate a hidden microphone on the phone and listen to him through his neighborhood. You talk in your office on confidential matters? Could someone be interested in this information? If yes, then this is the place to start protecting your information.

DEFENSE: Intelligent detector with a noise generator GSM-safe III
using a special stojnáku on mobile GSM-safe III reliably protect your office, from eavesdropping through a mobile phone, without in any way having to cut your comfort.

GSM-safe III is equipped with an intelligent detector signal in combination with a noise generator. GSM-safe III is automatically activated after the postponement of the mobile phone and detect any wireless signal will alert signal diode, according to instantly know what type of signal it is. At a time when the device records the voice transmission possible, it will automatically launch the noise generator, which completely impossible.

THREAT: Listening through mobile phones during meetings outside the office

DEFENSE: The smart portable detector with a noise generator GSM-Box II
performs exactly the same function as the GSM-safe III. In addition, however, this portable device and so you can have any time for myself. GSM-II has the dimensions of the box a little bit wider and a credit card so you can wear attached to a phone or wallet.

THREAT: Monitoring of mobile communications
to the law, all calls and SMS messages are kept by the operator for six months. During this time, so anyone with permission or the right contacts to get your confidential data. In addition, your mobile communications may also pursue any private individual using GSM interceptor or tapping applications. The attacker can easily listen to your phone calls, monitor SMS, location of the phone and all other communication.

DEFENSE: Encryption of mobile communications
is the only reliable protection of communication done via mobile phone is its encryption. For encryption can be used in special applications, encryption chips, or special encryption phones. Various encryption solution offers an encrypted call, encrypted SMS or encrypted file transfer.

GSM interceptor (ie., Agatha)
equipment used not only state but also the private sector, which simulates BTS and allows an attacker to specify a position to eavesdrop on calls and eavesdrop on all mobile phones around the neighborhood several kilometers around the facility.

Surveillance Software
Special applications, which is very affordable and allows you to completely control the monitored phone. Bugging application inside the phone is completely undetectable and you can listen to all calls, monitor SMS, GPS location of the phone to eavesdrop on nearby phone and many other features.

Eavesdropping mobile operator
By law, all calls and SMS messages are kept by the operator for six months. During this time, so anyone with permission or the right contacts to get your confidential data. In addition, the operator is able to eavesdrop on your phone nearby even when not on a call. It does not help you or turn off the mobile phone, or even (in some phones) taking out the battery, because phones are equipped with a small, secret backup battery.

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