Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence
Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence

Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence

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The best spy solution so far for Android phones , iPhone and BlackBerry.Pokličeš phone and spy without that what appears on the screen ... As in spy movies. This is not all of the premium features, you can pull the trigger the camera from the phone to the picture without the user's knowledge (for example, the following command can repeat each one hour ) . For the iPhone we make an image of the front and rear cameras . You need us to deliver the phone personally used or new for that spy call feature we need to make a jailbreak . We do this on your own responsibility . So far, we have not yet destroyed the iPhone . For nadroid also that it is only necessary that the phone is rooted which also means unlock , jailbreak and as means access to the system memory of the phone. They are the party that does not unlock your phone , for example . that they have an archive of data and GPS location, call log , SMS's enough

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In stock

Product details


Software running on the background of your phone as a hidden application collects data on all communication took place on a mobile phone.

In addition to monitoring regular communication follows the interception of communications and led across all popular Internet chat application

Interception of calls:

  • audio recording of all calls made
  • interception of the call in real time *
  • Call listings
  • listing VOIP calls

Listening around the phone:

  • tapping around the phone in real time *
  • recording around the phone

Listening messages and chat programs:

  • interception popular chat applications  (WhatsApp, Facebook, FB messenger, Viber, Skype, Wech, iMessage, BBM, BlackBerry PIN, Yahoo messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts) *
  • interception of SMS and MMS
  • sending secret SMS from the target phone
  • delete SMS containing the selected keyword from your phone
  • monitoring Gmail application *


  • the current location from GPS
  • the current location according to BTS* (when GPS is turned off)
  • tracking at a preset interval 
  • tracing the history of the movement in the map

Monitoring media:

  • monitoring of all recorded videos and photos from your phone
  • Watch videos and photos that have been on the phone before installing the software
  • monitoring audio recordings on your phone
  • download limit is 30 megabytes of multimedia

Remote control of the phone:

  • remote image acquisition
  • check battery status on the phone

Monitor your Internet browser:

  • monitoring the visited URL
  • monitoring of saved bookmarks

SMS alerts:

  • when you change the SIM card
  • when a call to the selected phone. issue
  • upon the occurrence of a preset keyword or SMS message from IM, email, 
  • during the performance of the preset phone location

Other functions:

  • hide SuperSU *
  • monitoring directory
  • monitoring calendar
  • application is not tied to a specific phone

* Functions marked with an asterisk require root your phone.

The application is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad and BlackBerry devices

Managing the application and view the data is possible in an easy web interface. 

WARNING: Activation software will always after receipt of payment / sending confirmation of payment on our account. When you choose to pay cash on delivery, you will be sent only to the code that communication will be your account is activated.



50, - EUR install applications to your phone (time-consuming at least 1.5h)

120, - EUR root your phone (standard min to 24 hours) when rooting the risk of irreversible damage to the phone, which takes note of the customer)



BTS comes from the English Base Transceiver Stationary. This is a broadcast tower, ensuring the transmission and reception of radio signals. BTSky are used by mobile operators.

Mobile phones (or simple GPS locators) still maintain konktat to the nearest BTS, which makes it possible with an accuracy of about 200 to 500 meters (depending on the density of BTS in a particular place) ception even with root..

f you make root, you can make:

- real time ambient listening

- IMs monitoring (viber, whatsapp, fbm, etc..)

Audio recording calls Yes
Online listening Call No
Record around the phone Yes
Online interception neighborhood Yes
GPS location tracking Yes
Watching photos Yes
Location according to the BTS Yes
Call listing Yes
Web History Yes
Reading the SMS Yes
Reading messages from Skype Yes
Reading messages from BBM No
Reading messages from the application WhatsApp Yes
Reading messages from Facebook Messenger Yes
Secure storage Yes
Remote control via a PC Yes

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