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UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera
UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera

UltraLongLive PIR sensor camera

SKU kod: UltraLongLPIR1
Korisnički kod: 167

UltraLive series is especially practical for long term surveillance devices. This module is equipped with low PIR sen-sor that allows you to monitor places with low activity movements for a long period of time. The module is placed manually to the covert PIR module, which makes it virtually unrecognizable from the real PIR sensor. Manual (PDF)

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495,00 €

Product details

UltraLongLive PIR Sensor Camera is a sensor with integrated battery together with external card placement unrecognizable from a normal sensor.

This device, is made for Ultra long term surveillance for remote places, it can be used for your office or simply for monitoring your storage areas. 

Thanks to the Li-Po high capacity battery, we were able to achieve up to 30 days of continuous monitoring. It has very easy and plug and play installation, provided with a wall holder. You need to take down the PIR Sensor camera in order to charge it. 

The holder is equipped with positional joint, so you can adjust the angle and direction of your point of interest. 


  • HD resolution
  • Up 30 days in standby
  • 20 hours of continuous recording
  • 3 modes of detection (PIR detection | Motion Detection | Manual)
  • Supplied with a remote control 
  • Video output for a direct control of your angle 

Package contains:

  • UltraLongLive PIR Sensor Camera
  • Remote control
  • Video cable
  • Charger

1.       Put the switch on PIR sensor to “ON” position

2.       Press red button on remote controller

3.       Now the camera is booting up

4.       After boot up is camera by default in PIR mode, so you do not need to do anything more..


If you would like to use different modes, you need firstly to turn off the PIR mode by pressing “PIR”, and then you can use

a)      Manual recording

b)      Photo shooting


Manual (PDF)



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