GPS bike locator + app free lifetime
GPS bike locator + app free lifetime GPS bike locator + app free lifetime GPS bike locator + app free lifetime GPS bike locator + app free lifetime GPS bike locator + app free lifetime

GPS bike locator + app free lifetime

SKU kod: GPS906
Korisnički kod: 2203

Camouflaged GPS locator suitable for tracking your route, but especially for protecting your bike.

The GPS906 GPS locator is hidden in the flashing light and will not cause any suspicion if your bike is stolen.You can track your location via a one-time SMS message. By activating GPRS, you can track your route history, speed, or real-time location using the manufacturer's mobile and web apps.

With the shock sensor you will be notified of unexpected movement. The locator also uses it to save battery power - if the bicycle is not tampered with, the locator will go into standby mode and also automatically deactivate the flicker.

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Product details


This mode is ideal if you do not require real-time tracking of the locator on the map, but are only satisfied with its current location. In this way, you can also achieve the best possible battery savings in the locator. The locator (as set) stays in sleep mode and wakes up only when you want to know its location or its status.

You will ring the locator or send the appropriate command to it and you will immediately receive an SMS with information about the battery status, current speed, latitude, longitude, and map links. After clicking on the button, you will see the current position of your locator displayed on the map.



If you want to have a detailed overview of locator movement, you select this mode. After setting up the locator correctly, you can monitor the locator's movement in real-time, view the movement history for any time period, set up a GEO-plot and use many other features in your smartphone app or in your computer's browser.

All settings are very easy, but we will do it for you if you are interested. You will receive the settings, including access to ONLINE tracking, for free from us. So you can track one or more locators without a monthly fee under one account.



With real-time tracking of the locator, you can also get a log book for the bike on which the locator is located.You can easily generate a mileage or time spent in the system. You can generate a log book for each locator separately or a summary for all your active devices.

The data can then be downloaded in electronic format in .xml format and saved to your computer.



You can also use the locator as an anti-theft security. With a simple SMS command, or in the ONLINE tracking administration, you can activate an unwanted movement alert. As soon as the bicycle moves, you will receive a warning SMS message, or an application for smartphones will alert you to the movement (according to the current setting).



If you activate the GEO-Fence function, you can set the area where the locator can move by default. As soon as you leave this area, the locator will notify you of the situation.




- Real-time motion 
GPS -free location 
GPS + GSM positioning - Motion history view - GEO-fence function 
- Motion 
Alert - Preset speed 
alert - Low battery warning 
- Shock alarm 
- SOS button 
- Sleep mode for maximum battery saving


Technical specifications:

- Size: 40 x 85 x 28mm 
- Weight: 80g 
- Network: GSM / GPRS 
- GPS chip: UBLOX 
- GPS sensitivity : -159dBm 
- Operating temperature: -20 to + 55 ° C 
- Battery capacity: 1800mAh 
- Single charge time - SMS mode: 600 hours 
- Single charge - ONLINE mode: 36 hours of continuous movement


Package contains:

  • GPS906 Locator
  • Wheel mount bracket
  • USB cable
  • Manual
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