Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless
Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless

Hunting Camera Snyper Commander 3G Wireless

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Easy setting: 1) Activate the included SIM card 2) See Easy Youtube classroom. Start Getting photos on your phone today! The best / most affordable and reliable wireless hunting cameras on the market.

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Product details

Snyper hunting camera is  designed to provide the highest quality at the most favorable prices on the market. In accordance with this dedication, they built a camera "Commander 3G wireless hunting camera", which is excellent for protecting property, real estate and, of course, hunting and "forest games" like paintball, airsoft. This hunting camera with a set of features also receives the highest rating you get for your money. K ar need is a fast response time and speed cameras send the images to your email when an intruder exceeds your property. If you do not want to miss anything, you will find that the Snyper hunting camera is the 3G's perfect choice for you.

Designing a hunting camera

The 3G Wireless Camera Commander has a simple shape, with a shape similar to most other gaming hunting gsm cameras. The camera  is in a housing that fits comfortably in your hand with a waterproof IP54 rating. The 3G commander is a small and lightweight hunting camera, measuring just 131.42 x 98.72 x 77.44mm and weighing only 404 grams. The camera has a long antenna for good gsm, 3g reception. The lens is located at the center of the device with the passive infrared motion sensor, directly below it. At the top and bottom of the device is an infrared LED flash.


Speed ​​of the trigger hunting camera

The speed of the trigger relates to how quickly a hunting camera triggers the camera and captures a photo when it detects movement. The 3G commander has an above-average trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, which is fast enough to capture most of the animals or intruders. Hunting camera  The 3G commander has a recovery time of 2 to 5 seconds. This is the time that the camera needs before you can take another photo.

Images and Video quality of the hunting camera

Snyper Commander 3G wireless gsm hunting camera is equipped with 12MP, which captures very clear, high quality photos. However, it is possible that the user can change the settings to accept either 5MP or 8MP photos. Images are saved in JPEG format. The 3G commander has 56 powerful LEDs, an invisible flash that is used to illuminate the scene for clear and bright nightly images. Hunting cameras  can also be set up by scheduling a schedule that ensures that the camera regularly captures photos at specified intervals. It's important to note that the photos will be compressed before they are played. However, in full size, the images are stored on the SD card.

Hunting Camera MMS  Snyper  The 3G commander also records high quality HD videos in 1080p resolution. The user can adjust the settings so that the camera records video clips at 720p resolution. This decision is backed up because 720p videos require less space compared to 1080p. 1080p videos will capture approximately 2 MB of space for every second capture. Videos are saved in AVI format. Snyper Hunting Camera  The 3G Commander can be programmed to record video clips that are between 5 and 60 seconds long in length.

Detecting Conil Camera

The detection area is defined as the area immediately before the hunting camera where the camera can detect any movement or change in heat, triggering the camera to take a photo or a video clip. The detection area is an important factor, as it determines where and how the position of the camera will be. The 3G commander has an impressive detection range. The passive infrared motion sensor has a range of 100 meters and is as wide as 110 degrees. IR Flash LEDs have a range of 100 meters as well. Having the same PIR and IR flash range is important because this means that there will be no loss of area at night.

Batteries of hunting cameras

Hunting camera The 3G commander uses 8 AA batteries. (not supplied)  The camera can also be powered via 12V external power source DC. It is highly recommended to use lithium batteries with the 3G commander. Lithium batteries can also be perfectly operated even at the most extreme temperatures, which are suitable for use in outdoor devices. They can work in extreme low temperatures in winter or very hot temperatures in the summer. Alkaline batteries will cease to operate when exposed to very extreme temperatures. Lithium batteries also have an extended lifetime.

Other features of the hunting camera

Hunting gsm camera The 3G commander has a daylight-to-day light sensor. It  can accommodate various sizes of SD cards ranging from 8 MB to 32 GB. The camera path also has a 2-inch LCD screen that displays images in 256 KB. This comes just when you want to change your device settings or when you need to view photos and videos on your device. You can play video with x2, x3, and x4 magnification. The 3G commander also has an automatic shutdown feature that switches the camera to standby after 60 seconds without activity. The camera has a TV out interface and a USB port.

Benefits of the  Snyper 3G Commander hunting camera

  • The camera has a wide range of detection.
  • The 12MP lens provides clear and bright images.
  • 56 infrared LEDs provide adequate lighting and clear night vision photos.
    The shutter speed of 0.4s will catch almost every animal.
  • 3G Commander is easy to use, add a SIM card to your cart, and set it yourself.

Disadvantages of the hunting camera Snyper 3G Commander

There is not much to say about the disadvantages of the 3G Wireless Capture the camera, because it surpassed our expectations.


With Sniper, the 3G wireless controlling hunter, Snyper maintains its reputation for delivering high quality products at affordable prices. The camera has an impressive palette, an above-average trigger speed and high-quality photos and videos. In Slovenia, the price is similar to that of the rest of the world, insofar as we consider  transport, VAT and customs. (There is also a question of guarantee and whether they even deliver it to Slovenia).


Manage a hunting camera with a mobile phone and receive MMS or email

MMS / 3G / SMTP / FTP functionality: the camera sends an image to 1 or 2 before the set up phone and sends 1-2 email messages on each trigger.
Possible to control the camera via SMS messages
The ability to activate and instantly receive an image with the SMS message of your mobile phone;
It supports most of the 2G and 3G SIM cards;
The ability to send a smaller image size (640 * 480) or greater (1920 * 1440) to any email address or FTP server;
Free camera management applications are available for IOS and Android in the IOS / APP platform.





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