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Spy keychain BASIC 16GB
test Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB Spy keychain BASIC 16GB

Spy keychain BASIC 16GB

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Spy keychain can hang out all day on your keys, and you do it so you are always ready for immediate recording. Keychain can record video and take pictures at a resolution of 720x480px


  • Video recording at 720x480 @ 30FPS in .AVI format
  • also photos with a resolution of 720x480px in format .JPEG
  • lasting 40-50 minutes shooting
  • support micro SD memory cards up to 8 gigabytes

Spy keychain has a very simple and intuitive. Due to the small signal diode will always know what makes keychain. For greater discretion but not while recording LED light is off . 

Despite its very low price works spy keychain BASIC very reliably, and turns crisp and smooth picture.


Product details

Key ring with built-in camera and camera, suitable for capturing quality photos, sound and video in 720x480 resolution. Lightweight, small and easy to use. 

The pocket size device is more than a keyring key, as without anyone else knowing, you can capture audio and video clips as well as take pictures at the same time. Because of its small size, simply place it on a table in a meeting room or office shelf, press the button to record a business meeting or some other interesting event.

The data stored on the memory card can be downloaded to your computer via the supplied USB cable, which is also a charger.

This is for beginners as advanced users and is currently the best-selling spy camera

 Download Manual

Actual clip made with this keyring:



Car Alarm Key Chain Hidden Video Camera can accommodate up to 16GB of memory and looks like a real car alarm key chain, though inside you'll find a color camera, a microphone and a digital video recorder, which is activated by pressing a button.

Car Alarm Keychain VCR has a large 720 x 480 video in near real time at 30 frames per second.

This video camera comes with no memory keychain, you can add up to 8 GB of memory is optional.  With an optional 8GB SD card, takes 70-80 minutes of video until the battery runs out.

This is a high resolution version with a clear sound.  on eBay and Amazon, you will find other people selling inferior version of the blurry video and audio bad with a lot of strange sounds.  Do not be fooled! 

See sample videos to see how clear the video was very clean sound.

Wow, it is all I can say after examining the latest hidden camera video surveillance, micro car alarm key chain hidden camera video!

This small keys camcorder disguized as car alarm activator and records 720 x 480 @ 30 fps video, and also 1.2 megapixel camera that has a 1.2-megapixel large photos in a package that is 2 cm x 1 25 cm x 0.5 inches.

The latest version has improved the sound to an older version.  There is no whines, high-plots or industrial Noize in the background, you get a super clear sound, video and clear video 70 minutes straight with 4 GB of memory.

We have also posted new pics and video below to right click and download.  The latest version is all black like this.  We will update the remainder of tomorrow's photography and video.


Car Alarm Key Chain Hidden Camera is perfect for hidden surveillance and video recording of color and sound, without anyone knowing.  It is so small that it is easy to film video monitoring field of your course.  There is no HD video, so it will be a little blurry, However,  we found that the keys DVR is the most discreet way to film a video for surveillance.  hold your keychain, no one has a clue if you goofball and pointed it in the face of someone.

If you want to record video from hidden for any reason, you can now hold the innocent looking key chain video recorder and start recording decent videos or photos, with rich colors, by pressing a button.  No vibration, so that I can tell you that works with small light sheet.


  • Apple and Quicktime compatible computer, as well as PC
  • Without wires, cables, cords, or
  • Clear 720 x 480 color video
  • Clear audio recordings
  • Velika 1280 x 960 JPG fotografije
  • Two button presses for taking pictures or video recording start
  • Optional 4-8-16GB memory records 50 minutes flat video


If you are looking for a hidden camera that does not require a diploma to act,  or a ton of accessories, check out this car alarm Key Chain Hidden Camera Video.  Charge up to 3 hours, so you can record about 50 minutes just a video.  There is no motion detection, it is just straight to video.

Key Chain DVR hidden camera is activated by pressing one of the buttons for 2 seconds.  Push it again for 3 seconds to stop recording.  That's it!  How simple can you get?  Or press the button briefly to record still images.  It is perfect for journalists , private investigators, law enforcement, insurance adjusters, the parents and spouses.

When you're done, connect the included USB cable to the computer to load video.

It is very discreet and we believe that this is the most discreet way to hidden recording video from any of our other hidden cameras.

There is an old YouTube video with silver buttons.  All our car alarm Key Chain Hidden Camera video now black buttons as in the image above:

Here are the videos and raw materials of photopraphs from the Alarm Car Key Chain hidden video camera:






Camera hidden in.. Key chain
Resolution (video) middle (640*480)
Resolution (photo) 1.3 MP (1280*1024)
Power source Batterry inside
Rec time (in hours) 40-50 min
Motion or PIR recording No
Charging time ( in minute) 60-90 min
Water mark ( time displayed on footage) Yes
Video recording speed 30 frames / second
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