Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera
Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera

Bluetooth Lawmate PV-BT10i speaker with hidden WiFi camera

Brand: LawMate™
User Code: 2922

Bluetooth speaker with hidden Full HD camera, WiFi Live Streaming capability and micro SD card support up to 32GB.

  • perfect camouflage
  • controlling the device through an internet application
  • motion detection

Product details

The Lawmate PV-BT10i Bluetooth Speaker is a classic full-featured bluetooth speaker that hides a mini Full HD camera.

This product of a modern yet inconspicuous appearance is suitable for  home or office monitoring. You will be able to keep an eye on employee activities or the supervision of your children or their nanny during your absence.

The loudspeaker also acts as a true bluetooth speaker that lets you play music from your mobile phone, for example.

Key properties

  • a perfectly hidden camera with a 78 ° angle of view
  • Full HD video resolution 1920x1080 / 30 fps
  • .MOV video format
  • supporting microSD memory cards up to 32GB
  • continuous recording of up to 180 minutes of recording when the battery is fully charged
  • 3 video recording modes (automatic / manual / motion detection)
  • controlling the device through an application over a WiFi connection
  • device communication via LEDs
  • Dimensions 86 x 86 x 54 mm
  • weight 345g

Hidden camera in the Lawmate PV-BT10i bluetooth speaker records  FullHD 1920x1080 at 30 frames per second (or 1280x720 or 848x480 at your choice) and takes 2M (1600x1200) photos. The device has three video recording modes, with automatic, manual, and motion detection modes.

The Lawmate PV-BT10i Bluetooth speaker features several color LEDs to make it easy to see if the device is currently recording. Some of the diodes, however, also shine when using the device as a loudspeaker, and therefore will not pay special attention at first glance.

The device supports memory microSD cards up to 32GB. Due to recording in Full HD resolution we recommend using class10 cards. (You can record up to 500 minutes of recording at the maximum resolution of 1920x1080 on a 16GB micoSD card.)

You can view the purchased videos and photos in the "PVCam Viewer" application or in the PC after inserting the SD card. To connect a device to the app you simply download through the App Store or Google Play for free, you just need to connect your phone to the WI-FI network and then scan the QR code at the bottom of the device. For example, you can watch live, take pictures, control sound (switch off / on), select the recording mode, change the resolution of the recorded video, or set the date and time .

The device is supplied with the supplied USB cable. If you connect your device to the Power Bank, it can later serve as an extra battery. Charging time is about 180 minutes and its battery life is up to 180 minutes from a fully charged battery.

The Lawmate PV-BT10i Speaker acts like a regular bluetooth speaker. Just use the bluetooth to pair it with your phone, and if you do not use it as a hidden camera, you can use it for normal music playback. Its use is so much more complex.

Package contents

  • bluetooth speaker Lawmate PV-BT10i
  • USB cable
  • microSD card 16GB
  • user manual


Parameter Description
Distinction 1920x1080px / 1280x720px / 848x480px
Image Sensor 1 / 2.9 "progressive CMOS sensor
Number of FPSs 30 FPS
Automatic startup yes - movement
Record mode automatic / manual / motion detection
Photo Yes
Angle of engagement 78 °
Consumption when shooting 480 - 530mA (WiFi), BT + (20 - 380mA)
Charging time 180 minutes
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 54 mm


Camera hidden in.. Speaker
Usage of camera outside/inside
Motion or PIR recording Yes
Viewing Angle: 72°
Resolution (video) 1920x1080px / 1280x720px / 720x480px
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