A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi
A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi

A hidden camera in the stone of Wi-Fi

User Code: 1790

The new UltraLive WiFi camcorder with a camcorder inside-the-box transmission that is suitable for outdoor surveillance.

The hidden WiFi camera lasts up to an unbelievable 180 days without recharging . The stored records are stored on a memory card up to 32GB.

All configuration, including record playback, can be done remotely via the mobile app that is available for iOS and Android .

The main advantages of the UL-40W are extremely long-lasting, very easy to install without the need for cable distribution and the possibility of online monitoring over the Internet .

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Product details

Possible scenarios of use

  • hidden surveillance over the land
  • detecting the thief of a thief
  • documenting the black landfill

Features and features of the camera

  • Extremely long stamina

    The hidden WiFi camera  is equipped with a motion sensor that reduces the power consumption in idle mode to just 1-2 mA . Using a 5500mAh Li-Pol battery, over-180-day charging lasts over 180 days , a value that no competing spy cameras can match except for other Secutron UltraLive models.

  • Live View via Wi-Fi
    Using the built-in WiFi module, the camera lets us connect remotely over the Internet at any time . You can keep your subject under control whether you are anywhere, anytime.
  • Immediate Motion Detection Alerts
    When the camera detects motion, it sends us a push notification to the mobile application. Motion detection alerts will be received within a few seconds after camera activation.
  • Convenient mobile phone
    control We can completely control the camera from a mobile phone through an intuitive application. If we have more cameras, we can manage them all in one application. In addition to online preview, our app allows us to manage alerts, record videos or photos, or remotely view videos stored by the camera .
  • Perfect camouflage
    Camouflage in the stone allows for the discreet location of the hidden camera in any outdoor space. When the camera is popped up with other stones, its accidental observation is almost impossible.
  • PIR Motion Sensor PIR Motion
    Detection is fully reliable and operates within a range of approximately 4-6 meters . In addition to high detection reliability, the PIR Motion Sensor can dramatically reduce power consumption.
  • HD-quality recording The
    camera is equipped with a  1.3Mpix CMOS sensor, allowing recording in 1280x720px resolutionThe camera angle is 70 ° . Video recording takes place including audio track .
  • Memory for up to 88 hours of recording The
    hidden camera is equipped with a micro SD card slot of up to 32GB for up to 88 hours of recording. When the capacity is full, the oldest files are automatically deleted . 
  • Minimum power consumption but still on-line
    Standby power consumption of the camera is only 1-2mA, but it is still possible to "browse" the camera at any time and activate image transfer even when the camera is not awakened by its own motion sensor .

Transmission over 4G? No problem. 
For use in remote locations without Wifi coverage, you can add the camera to our dedicated remote 4G modem Secutron LS-1 , and you can secure very poorly accessible places.

How the hidden camera in the stone works

The camera is equipped with a  high-capacity Li-Pol battery , which is recommended to recharge before use for at least 6 hours. We also need to insert a memory card into the device and connect it to a local WiFi network. All camera operations and configuration are performed via a mobile application. Complete configuration including assembly can be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

Activate the camera

If the camera detects motion, it immediately "(1-2 seconds)" scans and starts and writes records to the inserted memory card. If push push notifications are turned on  , the camera gives us a glimpse of the recorded motion on the mobile phone. When the motion stops, the camera goes back  to standby . 

WiFi connection

Turn on the camera and wait a few seconds for the red diode to flash. During this time, we connect to a mobile phone on a WiFi network to which we will want to connect the camera. Then, through smartphone, we will scan the QR code of the camera, fill in the WiFi password and confirm. Afterwards, the cameras will connect to the WiFi network set up and we can start communicating over the Internet.

Saving mode

The hidden camera uses a low-power WiFi module that makes the camera constantly on-line while saving energy. From the standby mode, the camera scans itself - the moment the sensor detects motion or we can read it remotely. So we can join her anytime we need.

Package contents:

  • UltraLive WiFi camera in stone PEYE-40W
  • DC 5V 1A power adapter


Camera hidden in.. Rock
Usage of camera outside
Rec time (in hours) no supplied battery
WiFi connection Yes
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