USB key with built-in camera and recorder
USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder skrita kamera v usb ključku z delovanjem 10ur USB key with built-in camera and recorder skrita kamera pod prenosnikom skrita kamera snema dolgoročno ko pod napajanjem skrita kamera med spy izdelki skrita kamera s snemalnikom na polici skrita kamera priklopljena na dodatno baterijo za dolgoročno snemanje skrita kamera in priložena dodatna baterija skrita kamera na omari skrita kamera neopazno snema na omari embalaža skrite kamere specifikacija skrite kamere USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB key with built-in camera and recorder

USB key with built-in camera and recorder

BAR Code: 8809196301104
User Code: 150

It is a top -of-the-line flash disk with a dictaphone. Long battery life up to 10 hours when using an external battery in motion detection mode.


Product details

Esonic CAM-U7  is a new model of a top -of-the-line flash drive with a hidden mini-camera. The Flash Disk has several features that are unique to similar products.

The flash disk combines high levels of inconspicuity, very small dimensions and top features. Such features include durability when recording video from your own battery for 2 hours (using an external battery box and motion detection can last for even 10 hours).

Another advantage is the use of memory cards up to 128GB, which, combined with USB power, is a continuousrecording time of up to 16 hours. 

The flash disk also has a practical clip and a rotating camera, which extends its use.

The advantages of Esonic CAM-U7 flash drive:

  • super-camouflaged mini-camera on a flash drive
  • video resolution: HD 1280x720px / max 30 fps
  • Voice Activation Mode (Activation at 60db)
  • rotating lens up to 90 °
  • Durable recording time of 2 hours (when using an external box for up to 5 hours)
  • Durability when recording motion detection 4 hours (when using an external box for up to 10 hours) 
  • 16 hours of continuous recording when using a 128GB memory card and USB powered (PC or Adapter) 
  • High quality audio recording: Bit rate 128 Kbps / 8000 Hz
  • records sounds from up to 7 meters away
  • Built-in Li-Pol battery 320 mA
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • dimensions: p 82 x 26 x 13.5 mm
  • weight: 22g

A super-masked HD miniature camera with a rotating lens with a rotating angle of up to 90 ° allows you to adjust the angle of view to the conditions. While attaching the flash drive with the practical clip, you can lock the miniature camcorder to increase the resulting image quality. 

The flash drive records the sequence for 10 minutes, then uses the sound recording recorder to record the sequence for 10 minutes.

The external battery box is powered by three alkaline AAA batteries (microplate)

Package contents:

  • CAM-07 flash recorder
  • external battery box
  • stand for external battery box
  • AJ instructions

Note: The memory card is not included

A hidden camera in the CAM-U7 memory

Camera The Esonic CAM-U7 camera allows us to keep track of the interest in high quality images and sound. The camera lens can be rotated at 90 °, which allows us to focus the camera exactly as we need it. The captured images are stored on a micro SD memory card up to 128 GB for approximately 20 hours of recording. The internal battery allows you to record the camera for up to 120 minutes. The detection mode lasts up to 4 hours.

The CAM-U7 offers superior processing and very good technical parameters. A great advantage is the ability to record when charging from a USB port on a personal computer or laptop, where recording can be performed indefinitely until the memory is full. 

Possible application scenarios:

recording the office space during our absence

discreet recording of meetings

providing evidence for judicial proceedings

Camera functions and parameters of the CAM-U7


The Esonic CAM-U7 miniature rotary camera is equipped with a high-quality, low-noise CMOS sensor that records 720 high-quality images. The camera lens can be rotated in the 90 ° range to ensure optimum performance.

Sensitive microphone with AGC 

 To make the recording complete, the images and sound recordings must be of high quality. This is achieved by using a high-quality microcontroller with an AGC circuit for automatically adjusting the volume, depending on the distance from the source of the sound. The audio track is stored at 128 kHz

Motion detection

 The CAM-U7 has two modes of operation - continuous motion detection / motion detection. In the motion detection mode, the camera records only when it detects motion, memory savings, and doubling working time.

Reliable operation

 As usual with Esonic, the control of the miniature camcorder is quite simple and reliable. Provides a 3-way miniature switch that allows you to start recording, activate recording or turn off the device.

Long working hours


 The CAM-U7 is equipped with a low processor power that can hold up to 2 hours of continuous recording. In motion detection mode, the working time is extended to 4 hours.

Recording during charging

 Most minicamps can not function during charging. The CAM-U7 has this excellent competitive advantage. Thanks to your flash drive, you can connect the camera to a computer from which the device will be constantly charged and at the same time monitor the surroundings without attracting attention from third parties. In conjunction with Motion Detection, this camera can look at space indefinitely.


Supports up to 128 GB of micro SD.

 Data storage is performed on a micro SD card up to 128 GB for up to 20 hours of recording.

Mark the recordings by date and time of recording

 All recordings contain the so-called time stamp, which enables the subsequent evaluation of materials and enhances their credibility with complicated manipulation.

Maximum processing quality


 The CAM-U7 is a Korean company, Esonic, which is a world-renowned capability.

How simple is this to use?
This device is very easy to use. To record it requires one single action.

How much storage can this take?
Up to 128GB.

What's the storage record time?
2 hours/16GB, 4 hours/32GB, 8 hours/64GB, 16 hours/128GB

What's the battery life without the battery pack?
Up to 2 Hours on motion activation recording.


Low Light Test Video


Day Light Test Video

- One-Step Quick Video Recording
- Shot Date & Time Indication in Playback
- USB terminal is built-in and Direct Saving & Playback on PC
 Safe Automatic File Splitting(per 10 min.) & Saving
- Memory Type : Micro SD Card for easy Scalability up to 128GB
- Video Recording Time : 2 hours/16GB, 4 hours/32GB, 8 hours/64GB, 16 hours/128GB
- Battery life time : continuous recording mode -  2 hours / internal battery /  5 hours / internal + external battery pack

                              motion detection recording mode (Standby recording time) - max 4 hour / internal battery

                                                                                                                              max 10 hours / internal + external battery pack

- Battery type: rechargeable lithium polymer battery (320 mA) / battery charging: 2 hours
- battery remains LED indication
- external power adapter (PC USB, AC adapter) for long-term recording and monitoring of space
- power consumption during recording: 0 Watt System Compatibility


- PC O / S: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 supports
- PC interface: USB 2.0 High Speed ​​Transfer (Auto Plug-in-Play)

- operating instructions
- battery


- 1 "Š x 3 1/4" H x 1/2 "D





Parameter Description
Distinction 1280x720px
Image Sensor CMOS
Capacity up to 128GB
Number of FPSs 30 FPS
Automatic startup yes, motion detection
Distribution of records after 10 min
Max. the length of the battery record 2 hours
Max. recording length until capacity is reached 16 hours (when using 128GB)
Audio + video Yes
Possibility of non-stop operation in el. sewing Yes
The audio itself No
GB per 1h recording 8GB
Angle of engagement 70 °
Battery capacity 320 mAh
Charging time 3 hours
Dimensions 82 x 26 x 13,5 mm


Rec time (in hours) 8 and more
WiFi connection No
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