Edic-mini Tiny A77 Digital Voice Recorder 4GB
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Edic-mini Tiny A77 Digital Voice Recorder 4GB

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Small, lightweight and durable! A77 Digital Voice Recorder is 12 percent smaller than the B21, which was already the smallest record holder in the Guinness Book of Records 

Professional recorder Edic-mini Tiny + A77 has extremely small dimensions (29x15x12 mm), weight of only 7 grams, high sensitivity and large memory capacity. This is the tiniest recorder in the world, allowing it to conduct recording from a built-in rechargeable battery for more than two days. Due to these extreme characteristics, high recording quality and a wide range of functions, the recorder is perfectly suited for everyday use, recording everyday events and unexpected situations in life.



Modifications: A77-150HQ (in the mode 8kHz, without compression).


Main characteristics:

• Due to the miniature size, light weight and solid metal case, the device is very mobile and easy to use.

• The recorder's microphone is distinguished by high sensitivity and low noise level providing professional audio re ...

In stock
In stock

Product details

Micro dictaphone A77  is designed for true connoisseurs, because what the parameters are concerned, so no comparison in the world. The recorder is equipped with extremely high-quality microphone that seamlessly record and whisper, or a normal conversation at a distance of up to 9 meters.


  • Easy one button operation
  • only loaded when detecting voice or other sound
  • extremely sensitive microphone to record conversations from a distance of 9 m
  • Internal memory for 150 hours recording
  • battery life up to 24 hours of continuous recording / 3 months in stand-by
  • according to the recording schedule
  • adjustable sensitivity voice activation

Battery life up to 70 hours for voice detection
Minidiktafon A77 is due to the extremely efficient, suitable for monitoring several areas. By detecting voice recorder recording closes only when recorded speech or other noise. 

Adjustable sensitivity voice activation
detection with adjustable sensitivity voice mikrodiktafon A77 is well suited to the area where the noise from the street, for example, radio etc ..

Recording according to a timetable for long-term monitoring
Mikrodiktafon A77 with the included software can be set to record once on a particular date and time, or repeatedly, for example. Every day, 10 to 12 hours.

Because the recorder will keep in stand-by mode, up to 3 months, so it is suitable for long-term monitoring space.

Package Contents:

  • mikrodiktafon EDIC-mini Tiny A77
  • Gold-plated USB cable
  • CD with special software on the recorder settings

 We are happy to inform you about capabilities of Edic-mini Tiny(16) + series. New models have 4Gb capacity (models of Edic-mini Tiny (16) series have only 2Gb for 300h).Twice bigger memory capacity provides better quality of the recording. High quality together with longer duration of record and lower price (in comparison with 300h modifications of older series) makes new models an excellent buy!

The table below shows the difference in quality of the new series in comparison with the old ones. Record modes with compression uLaw, ADPCM 4 bit, ADPCM 2 bit was deleted from recorder of new series Tiny+ and Tiny 16+ as non-useful. Only compression mode uLaw, 8kHz has been left as the best ratio of record duration and quality. Best quality record mode is Without compression, 22 kHz. 



Memory capacity

In mode Without compression, hours

uLaw, hours

22 kHz

(best quality)

16 kHz

11 kHz

8 kHz

5.5 kHz

22 kHz

16 kHz

11 kHz

8 kHz

5.5 kHz







































  • Length: 29 mm
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Depth: 12 mm
  • Weight: 7 g
  • Housing: Metal
  • Recording time: 150 HQ hours
  • Battery life in continuous operation / cycle: 25 hours
  • Power supply: Internal battery


Primer iz 1 metra:

Sample from 5 meters away:

A sample of 10 meters away:


You need Flash Player to play audio files.  If you wish, you can transfer files to the following links:


Equipment for the IC recorder

  • High quality recording
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in USB interface with transfer speed up to 0.7MB / s
  • A high-definition microphone
  • Wide frequency band
  • Easy single-click control
  • Password protection
  • Voice Activation System (VAS)
  • Timer for recording planned
  • Digital watermark for every image

Technical digital voice recorder

  • Metal housing
  • Dimensions: 29x12x15 mm
  • Weight: 7 g
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +40 ° C
  • Capacity: 150 HQ ur
  • Shooting Mode: Mono
  • Battery life Continuous operation: 25 hours
  • Battery Life Voice Activation System: 140 hours
  • Battery Standby: 5 Months
  • Battery: 75 mAh Li-Pol
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003 / XP (32-bit) / Windows 7, 8 (32.64-bit)

In the package

  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • USB cable
  • Software CD
  • Instructions for use



Height 29 mm
Width 15 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 7 g
Case Metal
Record time 150h
Battery life in record mode up to 55 hours
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Battery life in VAS mode up to 70 hours
Battery life in stand-by mode up to 9 months
Built-in flash memory 4 Gb
Interface USB 2.0
Audio recording format Mono
Frequency band 100 Hz - 10 kHz
Dynamic range - 65 dB
Sample rate 8, 11, 16, 22
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording YES

Delivery set: Audio recorder

USB adapter
CD with software

Series EDIC-mini Tiny+


Recorders of Edic-mini Tiny+ series have miniature size, provide high quality records, simple & prompt operation. 
Owing to the custom developed system of markers Edic-mini Tiny+ recorders are counterfeit proof. These distinctive marks being unnoticeable for the user go through all the recording stages and help to define the integrity of the recorded voice information. These marks help to identify the recorder’s model, its serial number, record start time as well as the attempt to modify it.
Record's integrity can be checked not only by EMPLus program, but also by a specific program used in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
If a record has been modified, the recorder won't identify it as authentic.





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