GSM prisluškovalna naprava LONGLIVE 20+
GSM prisluškovalna naprava LONGLIVE 20+ GSM prisluškovalna naprava LONGLIVE 20+ GSM prisluškovalna naprava LONGLIVE 20+

GSM prisluškovalna naprava LONGLIVE 20+

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GSM listening with very pure sound and very long lasting up to 20 days. The LONGLIVE 20+ is equipped with a microphone on a 10cm long cable for easier camouflage.

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Product details

Exclusive GSM wiretaps that hardly find a competitor. LONGLIVE 20+ GSM Listening will last up to 20 days. The GSM LONGLIVE 20+ has a very long service life (up to 6 times longer than usual), while maintaining compact dimensions. 


  • allows you to monitor the area for an unlimited distance
  • voice activation, remote off / on options via SMS
  • very pure sound
  • long-lasting up to 20 days in stand-by mode, while maintaining a very compact size

LONGLIVE 20+ GSM Listening is especially suitable for long-term monitoring of areas where it is not possible to connect to an el. networks. 



The gsm transmitter premium + has a very good quality microphone which has been extended a few centimeters. Because of this flexible microphone, the gsm transmitter premium + is very good to work with only the microphone in the room that you want to monitor. It is also possible with this GSM transmitter that the GSM transmitter calls the preprogrammed telephone number when sound is detected.


How does the mobile phone premium +?:

When you call the number of the SIM card in the GSM transmitter, the system switches on without 'click' or the like and you can immediately listen in unobtrusively. The standby time of the mini gsm transmitter is up to 17 days and you can dial up to 10 hours. If you connect the device to mains power, this obviously does not apply and you can listen to it without restrictions. However, it is not advisable to connect the device continuously to the mains for a longer period of time because the battery will break down for a long time.

Sound detection:

The mini eavesdropper is even adjustable so that you are called by the sender when sound is detected in the room where the transmitter is located. You place the transmitter for example in your bedroom and when someone enters the bedroom and produces sound here you will be immediately called by the eavesdropper. You can still call and listen to the listening transmitter when this function is turned on.

3M fastening tape:

The gsm transmitter premium + comes with 2 pieces of 3M tape with which you can easily attach the gsm transmitter to any surface. However, you should take into account that the GSM premium + transmitter is not waterproof.

Optional telephone recorder

With our telephone recorder with article number SKU 7551 it is possible with your iPhone or other smartphone directly to record the sounds when you dial in to the gsm transmitter. In this way you can listen to certain parts again if you have not heard it correctly or use it as evidence.


Package contents:

GSM transmitter Premium +

Adapter with charging cable

3M fastening tape

instructions accepts no liability for the incorrect or unlawful use of the espionage products offered by us and advises everyone to check whether the product is legal in the country for the desired use and application for purchase and use.



Name GSM Transmitter - Premium +

Article number 7030

Solutions for: Rooms Eavesdropping

SIM card lock Yes

PSTN connector No.

Alarm notification Call, SMS Message

Sound detection Yes

Microphone Yes

Microphone sensitivity 5 - 10 Mtr

Voice filter Yes

Speaker No.

Battery Yes

Battery type Li-Ion Rechargeable

Battery life active 8 - 12 Hours

Battery life standby 1 - 2 weeks

Recording function No.

Max. memory N.V.T.

Max. recording memory N.V.T.

Adapter voltage 5 Volt

Length mm 40

Height mm 20

Width mm 30



Parameter Description
Range unrestricted
Number of microphones 1
Max. distance from the microphone 7 meters
Non-stop operation when connected to an el. networks no
Weight 60g
Dimensions 4,5 x 3,5 x 1,5cm
Stand by in stand-by 16 - 20 days
Duration of automatic activation mode 2 - 4 days
Durability during continuous interception 8 - 12 hours
Support for operators all
Voice Activation yes
Vibration sensor activation no
Telephone Number Filter no
Consumption in stand-by 3-4mA
Consumption when detecting noise 20-30mA
Talk time consumption 100-150mA
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