Če te zanima resen radar detektor za 799€ ter vgradni za 1599€, oba z montažo, stestirana in brez lažnih alarmov, beri dalje...

 Tiste z bolj bogato denarnico in luksuznimi športnim avtomobili pa vabimo, da nas pokličete pa vam zaupamo kontakt kdo to najbolje dela v Sloveniji. Če ste pripravljeni vložiti 799 eur za armaturni radar (pride v poštev samo v Sloveniji, saj drugod po EU kaznivo) . Za drugod po EU potrebujete vgradni radar detektor, ki stane 1599 eur. Cena zajema montažo in testiranje. To je za stacionarne radarje. Potem pa imamo še druge dobrote..za laser pištole in za zaznavanje intervencijskih vozil v bližini, za blokado motorja,...

56 km / h village = 80 € penalty
What really happens when you  catch a radar ?
In all likelihood you can  say goodbye to your annual leave . Why? Because you will pay 80 euros for driving at a speed of  56 km / h in the settlement , and for driving from  62 km / h to as much as 250 euros ! In the following, you will find out why you do not even get  another 200 € penalty !

And here is the moment of truth - what penalty does your drive deserve when you are not 100% focused on the speed counter?

51-55 km/h 30€ 40€ 10€ (+33%)
56-60 km/h 30€ 80€ 50€ (+166%)
61-70 km/h 65€ 250€ 195€ (+284%)
71-80 km/h 130€ 500€ 370€ (+284%)
81-100 km/h 260€ 1000€ 740€ (+284%)
more than 100 km / h 260€ 1200€ 940€ (+361%)

Depending on the amount of penalties, are you supposed to be digging in cash? In any case, you live much better than the Croats. But these astronomical penalties are only the beginning - I suggest you be well supported by the chair, because ...

Even if you are more pope than the Pope - there 
is no driver who does not violate this rule

Do you know the equation for calculating the safety distance with which you have to drive for the vehicle at the front? This is the legally defined distance that you are traveling at a given speed for 2 seconds. 

Rapid recalculation: you have to drive in a settlement with a safety distance equal to the length of the seven (7) Renault Clia vehicles! In the village! For a better performance, I made a picture display:

safety distance 50

You know, what is the penalty,  if you have only one meter of safety clearance? 200 euros!  And no, the guards do not know the mercy - they have come up with a meter that not only measures speed, but also the distance between the vehicles. 

And if the measured distance is too short, the penalty can not be avoided. No crying and no threat, nothing will help you.

And this is a meter that will punish you - and this for 2 offenses simultaneously! By 450 € per second!

radar safety distance meter
This meter measures not only the speed but also the safety distance between the vehicles!

So, when did you last drive at least 28 meters behind the vehicles in front? If you measure the meter you see on the right, you will almost certainly pay: by  200 €

But if you're going to be hitting too many cars too fast, let's say 56 or God do not give you a whole 61 km / h place, you will be  punished with an additional 80 or 250 penalties

However, as a driver, you have every right to be alerted to this radar in due time. And why not use this right? Because you prefer paying € 450 and getting yourself or your family on holiday?

Solution: this is a way to get off the radar without penalty!

Turn on the sound and look at this clip I got from drivers that are extremely successful in avoiding radar. Enthusiasm guaranteed! 

The device you see in the image is a radar detector - this small camel  detects and warns  in advance of active radars that want to cross the path! 

Just think how good the feeling is -  you can adjust your speed in time , you become alert to the limits and consequently  avoid high penalties . With this, the radar also justified its purpose, slowing down the traffic, did not it? 

Do you know what's best? The use of a radar detector in Slovenia, with the latest amendment to the ZPrCP Act (13.7.2016), is completely legitimate, and you can have a radar detector mounted on a windshield, in the eyes of the police officers.

Look at how a device proves to be in practice that allows you to adjust your speed in time and effortlessly to avoid possible penalties. You will soon know why it is used by more than 17,000 Slovenes! 

Discovering Mobile Radar:


Detection of Portable Radar:


Detection of stationary radar:


Laser Gun Detect:


Not only does the detector accurately detect all kinds of speedometers in time, as it can be seen from the shots - it allows the driver to  adjust your speed easily to avoid possible punishment

I've been using it for almost 5 years. And not only that, in fact, all the vehicles in the house are equipped with a radar detector - also the fathers and sisters of the car. Why? Because the  detector's price varies around the lowest penalties  - all of us have already returned to us! 

Do you know what's best? The use of a radar detector is completely legal in Slovenia. what the detector Avto spy-265 can do and why its use is not even contested by the police (video contribution from the 24hr broadcast). 

And hand to heart, do not delay, because you can be waiting for the radar tomorrow, hidden on the way to work. You have every right to know about the radar in a timely manner - and believe it or not, this detector (which you can learn more about on this website) is benefiting more than 16,000 Slovenian drivers. 

Good luck driving! Miha

P. S.:

Let me just remind you that the Police are collecting as much as 40 million Euros of fines annually, which does not include municipal ranks. As you read in the above note, I have been successful in avoiding radar for a long time, and if you follow my instructions, the next time you will only drive past the radar without penalty! 

Detector for radars on the road

Test the KIYO radar detector and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days.


Accidentally detects random mobile radars in civilian vehicles of traffic police and city rangers.

He is one of the few detectors who also detects the latest laser pistols used by the Slovenian police.

Not even the stationary radars on the motorway cross, national and local roads can be escaped.

Not only does the detector accurately detect all kinds of speedometers in time, as it can be seen from the shots - it allows the driver to adjust his speed easily to avoid possible punishment!

Slovenian legislation does not prohibit the use of radar detectors!


  • Detection of stationary and portable speed radars
  • Detect traffic monitor
  • It allows safe driving and to avoid possible penalties
  • Accuracy: more than 90% performance
  • English and Russian
  • Do not need a special installation. Just set and use
  • It covers all 9 frequencies
  • It covers frequencies 200-800 m at the front. Depending on the obstacles.


  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Tok: 150 - 300 mA
  • Temperature operation: -25 - 75 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum temperature: -100 - 125 degrees Celsius

Package contains

  • Detector radar
  • Charger for car 12V
  • Spare 2A fuse
  • Instructions for use
  • Dashboard sticker
  • Mount for mounting on the windscreen

Road traffic penalties are all too low: driving at 56km / h in the village will  cost you € 80 , but only a meter of safety clearance for  an additional 200 €

But what happens when the police and gangs compete in setting up hidden traps. The penalty comes in the mail, but  you do not even realize where the radar was positioned . You can avoid this unnecessary punishment in the same way that more than 17,000 Slovenian drivers are avoided.


A simple but extremely efficient device:

All these meters in the picture above have a feature that can be used with advantage: they constantly transmit a signal during operation, so all we need is a technologically perfect receiver that detects and warns us - and this is on time. Just like this animation shows:

Radar detector operation

And the device that allows this is called Radar Detector. It allows us to  easily adjust our speeds in a timely manner, in order to avoid possible penalties

It's similar with the so-called laser pistols. The laser signal emitted by the meter during the measurement reaches more than 1200 meters, although speed measurements are carried out at a distance of approximately 300 meters (between the police officer and the vehicle). 

What does that mean? At a distance of 300 meters, the diameter of the laser beam is 1 meter, and at a distance of 1200 meters it is already 4 meters, as the picture shows.

laser beam

This means that the signal is already 'wide' at a distance of a good kilometer so that it can  be detected throughout the carriage , even though the measurements were made on vehicles far ahead of you. But every detector is not capable of this!

carried out on vehicles far ahead of you. But every detector is not capable of this!

Click here and order  your radar detector to avoid getting punished tomorrow!

How does it turn out in practice?

On a paper radar detector sounds great, but how does it turn out in practice? Below you can see comments and video recordings of the detector operation sent by users from different parts of Slovenia.

Sašo: Rating: 5/5 

My colleague has been telling me for a good month that the detector is a larvae, but I have not yet managed to reach the radar. Well, until yesterday. How do I know? Because the detector alerted me! 

In the middle of the village, the detector starts to scream, which has not happened before. Of course, I immediately lower the gas and look at the counter, then I see the white Kangoo at the station! 

For the heck, I made another round and recorded the situation to finally mute my buddy. I send you a clip to post it on my site - for all non-believers. Good day!

Discovering Mobile Radar:

Tomaž: Rating: 4/5 

Great, he saved me a lot of penalties because my leg (sometimes) is too heavy :-) Sometimes I can be a little annoyed because he perceives some other frequency, but better, as if he did not detect any radar. I recommend! ;-)


Tadej: Rating: 5/5 

It's really a great deal. It was the first day that saved me, but I did not even know why the beep was, so that we looked at the schoolmates when we saw the stationary radar in Kangoo. 

All of a sudden, I surely stumbled over 1000 euros, then I sold the car and the detector next to it, so I would probably order it again. Lp Tadej


Matej: Rating: 5/5 

Miha! Yesterday, I encountered a radar for which I did not even know it existed! 

During the drive from Pokljuka, the detector suddenly started to scream, which was a bit strange - why would I peek in the middle of nothing? Well, then I see a hidden radar in the grass near the tree! 

So far, I've always thought that besides radar there must be someone who manages it. This, however, was hidden in the grass behind the road, and God himself knows what would happen if he did not have a detector. For me, the purchase is refundable! Unfortunately, I'm sorry for all the other hikers who got caught on the radar on the way from Pokljuka this Sunday.

Detection of Portable Radar:

Milan: Rating: 3/5 

Unfortunately, during my journey, the detector did not work best, so I returned it to you.
But again, after a long time, I met a company that knows what works and what it wants. I want you a lot of work and, of course, what's going on, and above all, I hope you do not lose the compass. 

Congratulations on the whole process, from purchase to recovery.


Danijel: Ocena: 4/5 

Very sensible, sometimes it detects sensors around traffic lights. If you ride in a familiar way this is not a problem, you're used to it. I would change the installation cable, this spiral is really very long, but it is difficult to fix it on the armature and instill because it pulls too much. I would also add the option to turn off the melody-song when the device is switched on, one short beep would suffice. Otherwise, he is satisfied.


Boštjan: Rating: 5/5 

Although I read that the detector would not detect a laser meter, I can say that this is not true. 

The last time I drove from Škofja Loka to Ljubljana and noticed a policeman using a laser pistol on the intercity hill. The location is known to me because it often performs measurements there. 

I turn around the car and carefully go to their direction to see how the detector reacts if it is at all. And what happens? The detector literally sinks! More in the attachment!


Laser Gun Detect:


Rado: Rating: 4/5 

I wonder how I did not know about the radar detector before? In the last two months, I have already rescued me twice before the mobile radar of the city's Kranj County, which fears the Gorenjska region in the last year. Thanks to God, they will not get any more. 

Sometimes the detector actually detects a false alarm (gas station) but it is not as disturbing.


Marko: Rating: 5/5 

He has already rescinded me three times, and I have already repaid my money. And here is not some luck or something similar because he saved me from white kang and police radar. Thank you!


Nevena: Rating: 3/5 

The product was interesting and "useful" as long as it worked. Now it loses contact and needs to be repositioned after each hole or hump on the road when it works, so I will send it to you for service. Otherwise, it's OK.


Martin: Rating: 5/5 

Samo pozitivno. Vedno opozarja tako pravočasno, da kot voznik še vedno lahko odreagiraš. Do sedaj me je rešil najmajn dve (zanesljive in ne majhne) kazni, do katere pa ni prišlo. 

Priporočal sem ga tudi drugim voznikom-kolegom, no eden ga je tudi kupil. Pri vožnji se lahko malo "privoščiš", ko zapiska greš na omejitev, ha,ha,ha in to je to. 

Jaz praktično že ne morem voziti avtomobila, da detektor ni vključen. Prej vključim detektor kot radio, ha,ha,ha. LP, Martin !

Odkrivanje stacionarnega radarja:

Milan:Ocena: 4/5 

Naprava je uporabna, že nekajkrat me je opozorila na radar, moraš pa biti zelo pozoren, ker včasih ni veliko časa za reakcijo. Zadeva se kar pogosto oglaša ob cestni merilnih napravah za opozarjanje na hitrost, zato se potem na te zvoke navadiš in moraš biti ob vsakem alarmu pozoren na vzrok. Nekoliko je nerodno spravljanje na parkiriščih, da ti ga kdo ne ukrade. Celovito je zadeva v redu, jo redno uporabljam.


Ne le, da detektor pravočasno zazna in opozori na prav vse vrste merilnikov hitrosti, kot je to razvidno iz posnetkov - vozniku omogoča, da lahko brez težav prilagodi svojo hitrost in se tako izogne morebitni kazni! 

Detektor, ki je predstavljen v nadaljevanju, ima namreč povprečno oceno 3.9  na podlagi kar 311 ocenjevalcev, kar ga nedvomno uvršča med najboljše detektorje

OPOZORILO: kot lahko vidiš, so uporabniki nad detektorjem navdušeni. A ker je malo tudi odvisno od relacije in načina vožnje, vseeno obstaja možnost, da posamezniku detektor ne izpolni pričakovanj. Zato ti omogočam kar 30 dni testiranja, o čimer je več zapisano v nadaljevanju. 

Vendar prosim, nikar detektorja ne izkoriščaj za objestno vožnjo! It always adheres to regulations and ensures the safety and safety of other road users.

Click here and order a radar detector, as it is nearly 3 times cheaper than driving for 61 km in the resort!
Kiyo E-255's best selling detector has its successor:

New, even better detector  Kiyo E-265Plus !

It's hard to believe that more than 17,000 Slovenian drivers are using the Kiyo detector to use. The detector is simple to use - simply remove it from the packaging, install it on a windscreen and plug in a 12V power supply. The detector is factory preset for the Slovenian market!



radar detector
The reason for such great popularity is not only its quality, but also the capacity: 

  • It detects random mobile radars in vehicles
  • It also detects portable radars hidden behind the road by the police and the police
  • Find out the 'unbeatable' laser pistol police
  • It detects stationary radars on the highway, national and local roads
  • It is very easy to use and read
  • No complicated settings and upgrades!
  • The 1-year warranty does not cover only the elimination of electronics failures, but the elimination of any defects that might result from use!

Of course, there are other options, such as radio announcements or navigation devices, which also point to radar. So you can rely on them?

Look at what the difference is:
gadget / phone
Radar detektor
Kiyo E-256
Stac. radars        
Mobile in vehicles        
Portable by the road        
Laser guns        
  Notifications are incorrect, radar locations are not permanent Warning. the boards stand just before the stack. radars Navig. the device only draws attention to points from the base Alerts on active radars, even when you can not see them

But the only thing important to you at this site is whether the radar detector is  capable of detecting a radar that scares your environment ... find it in the list? 
Hyundai i30  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 GHz
Ramet AD9, 34.0 GHz
Renault Clio  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 GHz
FineRad CD, 24.1 GHz
Renault Clio - Multanova 6F , 34.3 GHz
FineRad CD, 24.1 GHz
Škoda Roomster  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 GHz
Multanova 6F , 34.3 GHz
Škoda Roomster  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 GHz
Vitronic Poliscan, 904 nm
Ford Focus - Gatso type 24, 24.1 GHz
TraffiPatrol V, 904 nm
Renault Kangoo  - Multanova 6F, 34.3 GHz
Ultralyte Compact, 904 nm
Renault Kangoo  - Multanova 6F, 34.3 GHz
TraffiPatrol XR, 904 nm
VW Up  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 Gh
CAM ARH-S1, 905 nm - 160 meters in use in Hungary!
VW Up  - MultaRadar C, 24.1 Gh
TruCam LTI, 905 nm
VW Caddy - MultaRadar C, 24.1 GHz


Yes, all of them are radars or speedometers that Kiyo E-265Plus is able to detect and alert you to!

Attention: this meter prescribes 2 penalties at the same time

The penultimate meter on the list (TruCam LTI) is the  biggest curse  - in addition to the speed, it also measures the safety distance, which according to the law should be 28 meters or 7 inches in length, as illustrated in the figure:

safety distance

So, if you make the accidental cars too fast, say 56 or God do not even give a 61 km / h settlement, you will be  punished with 80 or 250 penalties . But if you're going to drive a vehicle with too little safety clearance (which you will almost certainly ...), you will be  asked for additional 200 € ! Win for the budget, or  450 euros a month !


The law does NOT forbid
him , the police do not object to him!

The use of the radar detector in Slovenia, even with the last amendment of the ZPrCP Act (13.7.2016), is not prohibited. It is not expected that a new amendment of this law or a ban on the use of the detector will be made shortly. 

The use of the radar detector also welcomes the traffic police inspector from the General Police Directorate: 

Do you want to be alerted yourself to police and city police officers? Order a radar detector today - and tomorrow you will successfully escape slanderous radar!
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