SpyPCDeluxe - The Most Powerful Spy App for Monitoring PC & Mac
SpyPCDeluxe - The Most Powerful Spy App for Monitoring PC & Mac

SpyPCDeluxe - The Most Powerful Spy App for Monitoring PC & Mac

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Exclusive software for monitoring PC, which is among the leader in its field.Software monitors keystrokes, photo displays, monitors used proramy and allows eavesdropping around the computer . This is licence price for month. 99,95 € / month


Product details

The SpyPCDeluxe software is a  totally undetectable antivirus program  (we have not had one antivirus program to point out so far). The computer program works completely invisibly, so it does not raise the minimum attention.


  • records all the keys
  • The screen captures photos in a preset interval
  • The screen captures photos after a preset entry of words or phrases
  • allows you to monitor your neighbor's computer
  •  sending data to e-mail 
  • completely hidden running applications
  • easy operation
  • monitoring open files and directories

Screenshots in a preset interval
Set an interval that matches your needs, which makes the tracking track a snapshot. This gives you a complete overview of activities on your computer.

Screenshots when you enter preset phrases.
This unique feature ensures that you never miss out on what you are interested in. Set all the words or phrases that trigger the mystery of the image. If you set the example, you start with the word "hello" and every time the word "healthy" and Spy Cobra makes an on-screen shot. This feature is very good, for example, to monitor e-mail messages.

Overriding around the
unique feature of your computer allows you to record continuous audio recording from your nearby computer. With this feature you will not only monitor activity on your computer, but also in its vicinity.

Package Contents:

  • an exclusive PC monitoring software






SpyPCDeluxe for Windows is compatible with

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 *
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • To check the version of Windows,  follow these steps

    1. Click the  Start  button .
    2. Tip  Run  in ga kliknite.
    3. In the Run window, type  winver  and press  Enter .
    4. The version of Windows will be displayed.

Device requirements

  • It must be physically on the device.
  • It must have administrator access (username and password)
  • It needs to have the Internet for real-time tracking.

* Controlling applications for Windows-based instant messaging in Windows 8 are not supported.

* Microsoft Edge Browser is not supported on all versions of Windows.




SpyPCDeluxe for macOS is compatible with

  • Apple MacOS Mavericks
  • Apple MacOS Yosemite
  • Apple MacOS El Capitan
  • Apple MacOS Sierra
  • Apple MacOS High Sierra  NOVO


To check the MacOS version,  follow these steps


  1. Click  the Apple icon  in the upper left corner.
  2. Kliknite  About This Mac .
  3. MacOS version will be displayed

Device requirements

  • It must be physically on the device.
  • It must have administrator access (username and password)
  • It needs to have the Internet for real-time tracking.
  • It must have at least 8 GB of RAM.

The most powerful spyware application for PC and Mac.  With more than 40 features, more than any competitor, you will be able to monitor the entire use of your employee's or teenager's computer.

  • Webmail
  • Screenshots of the Webmail screen
  • Key logs
  • Skype
  • LINE
  • QQ
  • Hangouts conversations
  • Trillian *
  • Viber *
  • iMessage *
  • Wechat *
  • Browsing web pages
  • Browser history
  • Browser videos
  • Application
  • Installed applications
  • Control network connections
  • Follow the print jobs
  • Activity of the file
  • Files are downloaded
  • Connections to the USB device
  • Take picture screenshots
  • Follow the activity to log in / off
  • It follows when users lock the screen
  • Remove the software remotely
  • Remote deactivate the software
  • Remotely change the features of the software
  • Hide the software from the Start menu
  • Hide software from the system tray
  • Hide software from Task Manager
  • Show / hide the software icon
  • Stop the software so it will not be removed
  • Access with a safe key combination
  • * available only on FlexiSPY for macOS


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