AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable
AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable

AirDrive Pro Keylogger in USB cable

pro version allows you to receive data at the current time and emailing.
Model: pro version allows you to receive data at the current time and emailing.
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SKU Code: keylogger-cable-pro
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The AirDrive Pro Keylogger in a 16MB USB cable, complete WiFi connectivity, national keypad customization capabilities, e-mail reporting capabilities, data and time recording, and live streaming is currently the best keylogger on the market in x performance ratio.

  • hidden in a common USB cable
  • record date and time
  • sending reports by email
  • can not be detected by SW
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Product details

The AirDrive Pro Keylogger in the USB cable  is a unique product and represents a revolutionary and completely new approach to recording keystrokes. It is currently the best keylogger on the market. 

Just plug the cable between the keyboard and the computer and make a simple wireless setup. Then, the USB Keylogger will automatically record all keystrokes in the cable  . It can serve to monitor children or employees. With AirDrive Pro Keylogger, you can also find out the various access data.

Key properties:

  • looks like a very common USB cable
  • record any keystrokes from any USB keyboard    
  • record date and time of  keystrokes 
  • downloading data over WiFi without the need for physical contact with the product 
  • unidentifiable antiviral
  • it does not affect computer performance in any way
  • live streaming of keystrokes
  • supports 40 types of national keyboards including Czech 
  • connectivity to any PC, tablet or mobile


  • the cable is currently hiding the smallest keylogger on the market , only 21 mm
  • cable length 50 cm
  • 16MB memory - 16,000,000 keystrokes, representing approximately 8,000 pages of text
  • works as a WiFi hotspot as well as a full WiFi device (sends emails)
  • no software is needed to connect and retrieve data
  • WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security
  • Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 12 mm

Product description:

The AirDrive Pro Keylogger in the USB cable  is currently the best keylogger on the market in the x performance ratio and is a clever implementation of the smallest keylogger on the market to the USB cable. Thanks to its miniature dimensions, Keylogger is implemented into a USB cable. Connecting this cable to a conventional keyboard will not induce any unwanted attention. The Keylogger looks like a common USB extension cable.

Its size is only 21 mm. It works like a WiFi hotspot and can be connected to any WiFi device such as a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone, without the keenogger of any physical contact. Once you have connected to the AirDrive Keylogger, both keystroke logs and the product setup page are available to you. No other software or drivers are needed.

The entire AirDrive Keylogger product family is compatible with all common USB keyboards. Just plug the Keylogger between the keyboard and the keystrokes begin recording, Keylogger is undetectable by any antivirus and you do not have to worry about the unwanted pop-up window appearing on the monitored computer screen.

AirDrive Pro Keylogger in Cable is a very safe product. All configurations are exclusively through a secure connection with your password. There are  40 national keyboards, of  course  including Czech or Slovak.

Unlike the basic version of the AirDrive keylogger in the cable, Keylogger Pro has full WiFi connectivity. This allows it to  send reports via email , specifically through a Gmail account. Another extra feature is a very practical  recording of the date and time of the monitored text . You'll appreciate this feature especially if you are looking for content about a specific date in the text. An absolute novelty among similar devices is  live streaming of written text . With this feature you can become an invisible observer of the monitored writer.

Package contents:

  • AirDrive Pro keylogger in USB cable
  • English operating instructions

    navodila za uporabo
    Parameter Description
    Adjustable keyboard language yes
    Support for diacritics yes
    Recording from the numeric keypad yes
    Capacity 16MB = 16,000,000 keystrokes
    Connectivity USB


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