KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB
KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB

KeyGrabber logger USB 2GB

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Keylogger is a device that records all typed characters on a keyboard, used to control the user's computer.

The world's smallest and smartest USB keylogger. Available up to 2 GB of memory, organized into an advanced flash FAT file system. Super fast data retrieval is achieved by switching into Flash Drive mode for download. Completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers.

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Product details

We have tested several wireless USB keyboard models (different brands) and our USB keylogger is working fine when plugged between radio receiver unit and USB port.



It is very easy to use, just insert it between the keyboard and the computer. No installation required, it operates independently of račuanlnika.


- Supervision of staff (Make sure that your employees will be as productive)

- Control your children (Make sure your kids only visit safe sites on the web)

- Backup (in case you račuanlnik crashes, all data will be safely stored on keyloggerju)

ATTENTION: The provider is not liable for abuse keyloggerja for criminal purposes (obtaining passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information.)


Take advantage of the unique new features:USB keyboard with built-in hub

  • Huge memory capacity (up to 2 Gigabytes), organized as an advanced flash FAT file system

  • Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption

  • Works with any USB keyboard, including those with built-in hubs

  • Super fast memory contents download (up to 125 kB/s)

  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible

  • Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners

  • Quick and easy national layout support

  • Ultra compact and discrete, only 1.5" (38 mm) long


  • Observe WWW, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees

  • Monitor employee productivity

  • Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators

  • Save a copy of typed text

  • ...and several more, see keystroke recorder benefits

What's inside?

USB connector      USB connector 

memory     microcontroller

Record mode

Installation of the hardware USB keylogger in record mode is quick and easy. Simply plug it in between the USB keyboard and the USB port. No software or drivers are required. The USB keylogger will automatically start recording all data typed on the keyboard to the internal flash disk.

Hardware keylogger install (1)

Disconnect the USB keyboard from the USB port at the computer or hub. This can be done even with the computer up and running. 

Hardware keylogger install (2)

Connect the hardware USB keylogger between the USB keyboard and the USB port. Keystroke logging will start automatically.

Playback mode (Flash Drive)

Once data has been captured in record mode, you can retrieve it on any computer with a USB port. This is done by switching to Flash Drive mode. The USB hardware keylogger and keyboard should be connected in the same way, as in record mode. 

USB hardware keylogger Flash Drive mode (1)

Each device has a built-in 3-key combination (by default K, B, S).
Press these 3 magic keys simultaneously to trigger Flash Drive mode. The keylogger will automatically respond as a mass storage device.

USB hardware keylogger Flash Drive mode (2)

The Flash Drive will contain the file LOG.TXT with a text log of all captured data. Keystroke data is formatted in the same as it would appear on the screen, with special keys in brackets ([Ent], [Esc], [Del] etc.). This file can be viewed and searched with any text editor, such as Notepad or MS Word.

USB hardware keylogger Flash Drive mode (3)

More details are available in the KeyGrabber USB User Guide.

Configuration options

The USB hardware keylogger may be configured through the file CONFIG.TXT, placed in the Flash Drive root folder. Use any text editor to prepare such a configuration file, containing the following text:


Copy this file to the root folder in Flash Drive mode. The configuration will be loaded on next record mode initialization.

USB hardware keylogger configuration

Password sets the 3-key combination for triggering Flash Drive mode. Any three-letter key combination is allowed (sequence is irrelevant). Default value is KBS.

LogSpecialKeys sets the logging level for special keys, such as Enter, Escape, F1...F12 etc. Special keys are logged in brackets, i.e. [Ent]. Allowed values are None (only text is logged), Medium (text with basic function keys are logged), and Full (text with all special keys are logged). Default value is Medium.

DisableLogging allows to disable logging, however does not affect mode switching. Allowed values are Yes(logging disabled) and No (logging enabled). Default value is No.

More details are available in the KeyGrabber USB User Guide.

National keyboard layouts

It is possible to enable a national layout for language-adapted keyboards, such as French, German etc. This will allow national characters to get logged properly (including those with Alt Gr), such as ö, ß, ó etc. The following example demonstrates the advantages of applying the German national layout.

Text logged with layout Text logged without layout
Keylogger (PS/2 & USB) Kezlogger )PS-2 / USB=

To enable a national layout, the appropriate layout file named LAYOUT.USB must be placed in the hardware keylogger root folder. The file must be copied in Flash Drive mode (no access to the flash disk in record mode). Layout files may be obtained from the CD-ROM attached with the device or from the download section. The flash disks main folder should contain the file LAYOUT.USB and the standard log file LOG.TXT.

National keyboard layouts

To enable the layout, safely remove the flash disk. On record mode initiation, the layout file will be loaded automatically.

More details are available in the KeyGrabber USB User Guide.



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