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Priročnik za nakup lovske kamere

The first shopping of the tracks and Slovenian  hunting cameras  can be a huge burden. The guide at the first purchase will give you the basics of what tracks the cameras carry out and how they do it.

Below are many large categories of cameras. It is designed to educate you on how to buy the right trail camera that suits your needs. When you read this guide, we recommend that you complete the  Guide to choosing a hunting camera . Do not hurry! It is recommended that you first read the guide so that you know which features to consider when deciding.

a scarecrow of a hunting camera


Anatomy of a hunting camera


1. Detected circuit: Trigger speed, recovery time and detection zone.

2. Baterije: How many batteries does a camera use and what type is preferable.

3. IR oddajniki: Is it red glow or no glow. How bright are the night pictures?

4. Kakovost slike: View sample photos from all the popular camera traps.

5. Zaslon za ogled: Some cameras have internal viewers for proper camera setup and picture review.


The best way to evaluate the quality of a picture from a camera is to view the pictures from our gaming camera ratings that are listed as an example. We evaluate the images for their clarity, color, contrast and resolution.

Image Quality
   Let your high number of megapixels not mislead you. Businesses will try to impress you by advertising a camera with a high number of plxl, but real cameras often use a low-quality lens that reduces the overall image quality.

     These two images have extraordinary clarity (and color). Both animals are perfectly photographed.

 wildlife captured by hunting camera during the day  the beast is captured by a hunting camera during the day


Night pictures can be complicated. There are various types of flash that affect night vision (without IR illumination, IR illumination, flashing flashlight and white LED flash). Infrared (IR) cameras produce black and white images, such as a picture on the left, while the flashing or white LEDs produce color night images, such as a picture on the right.

zebras at nightzebras at night
deer at nightdeer at night

Detective Circuits The
detection circuit of the trail of the camera is in fact what the animal will detect. Cameras are triggered on the basis of a combination of heat and motion. The detection circuit is composed of:

  • Start time
  • Time for recovery
  • Zone of perception

Time to start and recover hunting cameras

Start time is the amount of time a camera needs to make one image quickly when an object enters the detection area. The recovery is how quickly the camera can save the first image and can be ready for another picture. To see the startup and recovery times for different cameras, go to the  startup speed clash.

Zone camera detection zones

Each trap with the camera has an area or zone of detection. The detection zone is the area in front of the camera whose camera is "controlled." Two factors determining the detection range are the width of the detection and the distance of the detection. For full details of detection zones, please check out our  Test Concepts of independent hunting cameras.
Below is an example of how the perception zone looks.

the field of detection of hunting cameras

Battery life

 batteries for hunting cameras Cameras with long battery life will save you money. We are Nimh rechargeable battery chargers that can be recharged. Why?


  • Through time you will save money with them
  • They increase the life of the battery in the winter months.
  • Less spent batteries = a cleaner environment for you and your family.

Lithium  batteries  give you the longest battery life and are the most reliable.

If you are interested in current cameras, read   Battery Test .

What we have covered so far is a simple basis. Gaming cameras are extremely complex and each camera is unique in its own way. Do not feel overwhelmed - we will walk you through the shopping process.

For most people, the next step is to complete the  Guide for choosing a hunting camera . This guide takes your needs and requirements and takes them into account when choosing the right gaming cameras.

What is the speed of the trigger?

The speed of the trigger is the amount of time the camera is "activated" and captures the image. For example; when the animal enters the detection area of ​​the camera trail, the camera is activated and prepared to capture an image. Then the camera captures the image and captures it on an SD memory card. The amount of time during which the animal enters the detection area and the image is captured is the speed of the trigger.

trigger hunter cameras

     What does that mean for you?   Well, a hunting camera that has a slow trigger speed will not work well on the track. When the picture is captured, the animal can already leave the field of vision! Also, if you are using the camera for security reasons (eg thieves), only high-speed cameras will be caught at work (especially if you use a shot mode) or take pictures before they leave.


How the showdown speed of the trigger works ...

Charles, our technological genes invented a device that's called

Triggernator . Triggernator is the most accurate form of testing the speed of the camera trigger.

Using the Triddernator, we set each camera and then capture 7 hours of the trigger. Out of these 7 cases, we discard the slowest and the fastest.


Under each appropriate camera, the trigger speed is announced. After 5 remaining hours then calculate the average, which means the average speed of the trigger.


Below are ratings and rankings. For reasons of simplicity, estimates are based on the time of the trigger.

Guide to choosing a hunting camera

We understand that there are too many cameras to choose from, so it quickly becomes a lot of confusion. In order to dilute the choice, you will answer a series of questions that will help reduce your chances.

At the end of the questions we will present all the cameras that coincide with your criteria. Let's start.


Question # 1:
Do you need an IR camera or a white flash camera?

White  flashlight IR  Flashlight
A white-flashing camera produces bright white light at night. This allows colorful day and night pictures. Many people believe that this will scare the animals - people will definitely warn about the presence of the camera. If you want a camera with a white flash, press the upper or lower link.      The IR camera emits an infrared light during the night. This is much more discrete and will not disturb animals and people. IR camera during the day captures color images, and at night it is black and white. If you want an IR camera, press the upper or lower link.
Question #2:
Do you need a No Glow or Red Glow Infrared Flash Camera?


Red light   No Glow
     Red glow cameras will produce a faint red glow when taking a photo at night.These cameras will produce a higher quality night photo, but are visible to the human eye.A red glow camera excels for wildlife surveillance.        No glow cameras take night photos while remaining invisible to the human eye.These cameras excel in security surveillance or to keep trespassers from stealing your camera.A no glow camera will produce a darker, grainier night photo.
Question #3:
Are you wanting a cellular or non-cellular trail camera?


Cellular Trail Camera   Non-Cellular Trail Camera
    A cellular trail camera can remotely send you pictures via text or email messages.  You will need a minimum of 3 bars of reception from either AT&T or Verizon.Each cell camera will have a monthly payment associated with the cellular service.  These range in price from around $10-30.       These will be the more traditional trail cameras.  To retrieve photos, you will take the SD card out of the camera and plug it in to your computer.These cameras generally have better battery life and are much easier to setup and operate.
Question #4:
Are you wanting the camera to take pictures, videos or both?


Pictures Only
  Videos & Pictures
    If you select pictures, we will recommend cameras that excel in picture taking.These cameras may or may not have video options as well, but they will be primarily used for their picture taken ability.        If you select videos, we will recommend cameras that have video options and/or excel in videos.These cameras can take both videos and pictures.

Purchase a hunting camera

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