Mini HD Bluetooth SPY camera CAMZ18
Mini HD Bluetooth SPY camera CAMZ18 Mini HD Bluetooth SPY camera CAMZ18 Mini HD Bluetooth SPY camera CAMZ18

Mini HD Bluetooth SPY camera CAMZ18

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User Code: 1997

Mini HD Camera is remotely controlled from your phone via Bluetooth, with up to 256GB microSD card support and motion, sound or vibration detection.

  • remote control via Bluetooth
  • the possibility of non-stop operation from the mains
  • support microSD cards up to 256GB
  • recording when detecting voice, motion or vibration 
  • lower battery life

Product details

Mini HD spy camera CAMZ18 is a compact, inconspicuous camera that takes care of everything you need. It has features such as motion detection or voice detection, so you can leave the camera unattended, and she will start recording when something starts to happen around her.

Key properties:

  • support for microSD memory  cards up to 256GB  (over 64 hours of continuous power-up recording and 256GB of microSD card)
  • battery life  up to 1.5 hours of continuous recording
  • battery life  up to 15 days in Vibration Detection mode
  • angle of view of 62 °
  • HD video recording of  720p  (1280x720) or 360p (640x360)
  • video recording and sound
  • possibility to set the scanning speed (to save memory on the card)
  • Loop recording (the oldest entries will be overwritten after the card is full)
  • Start Recording when  detecting voice, motion, or vibration
  • a choice of different auto-on / off scenarios 
  • Choice of  day or night mode
  • automatic  video orientation (when turning upside down)
  • Time stamp - inserts the time stamp into the video
  • battery capacity 200 mAh
  • small dimensions (2.5 x 2.5 x 4 cm)

This small camcorder records in HD 720p (1280x720)  or 360p (640x360) resolution  of your choice. Videos are saved on an embedded microSD memory card in the .AVI format   This camera has many different setting modes, ranging from motion detection, voice or vibration detection to night or day mode selection. The duration of continuous battery life is about  1.5 hours . In Vibration Recording Recording mode and fully charged battery, the camera can stand for up to 15 days on its own battery .

The CAMZ18 Mini HD Camera  supports microSD memory cards  up to 256GB  (we recommend using class 10 cards for smooth recording  ). We recommend using a 128-bit or 256GB memory card. When power is supplied from the power supply, the camera is limited by the capacity of the card and can record more than  64 hours per unit. 

To connect your Zetta Z18 with your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you need to install the "Widget" application , which then searches for the camera and pauses with one click. Then you can control the camera remotely and record using the application. The range of the Bluetooth signal is about 80m according to local conditions. Download the free app from Google Play for Android or the iOS App Store under the name "DVR Widget" . You can also find the installation here on the product in the Attached Files tab.

You can simply play back the captured videos using the supplied USB cable on your PC. Supported operating systems are Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, Mac OS X. To customize your current mode or the current date and time, you need to install a " Widget " on your PC , which you can find in the Attached Files tab of this product.

The Zetta Z18 Mini HD Camera features an internal rechargeable 200 mAh battery. Charging is possible via a USB cable connected to your PC, using a AC Adapter or Car Charging Adapter. If the camera is powered on the vehicle by a car adapter, we can choose from  three auto-off / on modes  (moving vehicle / standing vehicle / moving vehicle and standing vehicle).

The recording function is available while charging via the AC power adapter and the car adapter.

Package contents:

  • Mini HD Bluetooth kamera CAMZ18
  • USB cable
  • user manual


The memory microSD card is not included.


Attached files

Operating Instructions - Mini HD Camera CAMZ18.pdf (348 kB) 

ZettaWidget PC Setup.exe (3,13 MB) 

DVR Widget App.apk (2,37 MB) 

Operating Instructions - PC software ZETTA.pdf (852 kB) 

Parameter Description
Distinction 1280x720px, 640x480px (adjustable)
Capacity Micro SD až 256 GB
Automatic startup motion, sound and vibration detection
Distribution of records every 10/15/20 minutes of recording (optional)
Max. the length of the battery record 1.5 hours (continuous recording) / 15 days (Vibration detection)
Max. recording length until capacity is reached over 64 hours (when using 256GB of microSD)
Audio + video year
Possibility of non-stop operation in el. sewing year
GB per 1h recording 1 GB (low FPS) / 4 GB (high FPS)
Angle of engagement 62°
Consumption when shooting 100mA
Aperture 3.3 Lux
Battery capacity 200 mAh
Dimensions 2,5 x 2,5 x 4 cm


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