gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time
sledilnik-sledilec-preko-telefon gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time

gps tracker with magnet and 120 days of standby time

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The GPS tracker is equipped with a high performance battery and a powerful magnet, which makes it easy to attach to the chassis. It allows real-time monitoring and tracking history.




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Product details

 A long-lasting GPS tracker and 120 days standby time


  • robust
  • integrated strong magnets
  • Extremely long battery life
  • managing via SMS and mobile applications

    A GPS tracker for a car that stands out primarily for its  extremely long battery life  , highly responsive GPS receiver and reliability.

    This model is among the best  GPS trackers with its own battery  in the market and is especially suitable for demanding users.

    Ideal for using the tracker:

    • for the automotive industry
    • for tracking containers
    • tracking of boats, trailers or machines

    The second great advantage is a special function to  instantly verify if the tracker has fallen or is removed from the tracking  object.


    • Battery life up to 120 days
    • highly sensitive GPS receiver
    • capacity monitoring via: SMS / Web Interface / smart applications
    • low battery alerts
    • intercept function
    • vibration but motion alarm
    • GEO fence
    • Intelligent energy saving function
    A model of endurance in various scenarios of modeling
    Number of hours each day in motion 0 1.5 8 24
    Maximum number of days of endurance 200 82 22 8

    Operation of GPS tracker, tracker

    The GPS tracker detects your location using a sensitive GPS module. You can view the layout via the map via SMS, or you can view it through the application on a smartphone where you can monitor not only the current position but also the entire history of the movement from the server.

    To be able to communicate with the device, you need to  insert a unlocked SIM card   with a pre-loaded credit card (the sim card will turn on data transfer if you want to track your device via the Android / iphone app, the SIM card in our offer).

    battery capacity 10000mAh
    Movement in motion 50mA
    Standby power consumption 2mA

    Battery life up to 200 days

    The GPS locator is equipped with a high capacity battery that lasts up to 120 days in standby mode.


    Sensitive GPS receiver

    Due to the sensitive GPS receiver, the location of the vehicle can be reliable and positioning with precision of a few meters. It is also quick to update the location after a few seconds when the follower wakes from the sleep state.

    Monitoring via a mobile application

    Monitoring using a mobile application is simple and effective. The app allows you to view your current location and history for the selected date. The application is compatible with Android, iOs

    SMS alert when the battery is low

    When the battery is almost empty you will be notified via SMS.

    Low power consumption due to the "shock remember" sensor

    If the locator does not record for more than 5 minutes, it automatically switches to standby mode, which consumes only 2 mA. Once the vehicle is able to move again, the sensor ensures that the retarder is back again.

    Movement notice

    This feature will ensure that you are notified immediately if the vehicle can move.

    GEO fence

    This lets you set the allowed or banned locations for the gps tracking device. When you enter or exit the geo fence, you will receive an SMS alert.

    remote eavesdropping

    The GPS locator is equipped with a microphone that allows you to listen to its surroundings. Just from your mobile phone, you call the SIM card number inside the tracking device and you can listen instantly. GPS Locator does not ring at all and the call will be automatically accepted.

    Waterproof IP 67

    This GPS Location Tracking Device is protected from immersing in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes.

    Especially powerful magnets

    For installation from the inside, outside, for example, under the vehicle are built-in additional powerful magnets, which provide easy assembly.

    Package Contents:

    • GPS locator with a battery life of 120 days
    • subscription to the online surveillance platform for one year free of charge



 When you purchase, you get a free subscription for gps live tracking and access to the archive for 180 days.



Advantages of the device:


- built-in powerful magnet for quick and easy installation


- factory standby time of up to 120 days


- extremely sensitive GPS module


- possible setting up of free additional services such as, for example, notice in case of movement, low battery level, speed setting exceeded, data interval, GEO fence


- control via SMS or live via the Spytracker online platform with free access to a 5-day tracking history


- the ability to access tracking history up to 6 months


- free tracking application using iPhone and Android phones


Are you worried about the cost of checking the position of the tracker? Data consumption is extremely small, approx. 15MB per month. Of course, this depends on the package of your phone, it may not be even EUR 1.



The kit contains:


- GPS tracker


- power adapter


- tracking application via Android / iPhone phones





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(50m po naših testih je minimalno da zadeva 100% deluje, da vam javi lokacijo, mora biti vaša telefonska pooblaščena. Za sledilec spy209b to naredite tako da mu pošljete ukaz na sms "admin123456 in vaša gsm številka" npr. admin123456 051704555 in ta vam bo odgovoril "admin ok"

če hočete spremljati v živo in za pregled arhive, potem si namestite xetrace app za android/iOS. Če uporabljate izimobil sim kartico pošljite sms ukaze:
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