Zaupate?  Ruski pregovor pravi: Verjemi, a preveri!

We are specialists in audio monitoring and video surveillance.

All this security is more than welcome. I do not think they have a fair problem with it, but they are dishonest and they are also intended for them. 

5 years later, we hit the target with spy products and was created. Five years ago we went worldwide.

founder of SpyShop.   My personal goal for 2020 is to help 4,000 customers find the truth. Why? Because you deserve a pleasant relationship, a fulfilling life, no fears, go ahead!

Track devices with ready SIM cards for immediate use

With tracking devices in our offer you can easily track the location of people, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and pets. Most GPS trackers are active to enable live tracking - you can call or send a command in the form of SMS messages, then you receive an SMS from the current location and link to Google Maps. Power simple! Did you know...

When you need to hear - dictaphones

Spy Voice Recorders are mini sound recorders that are used to conceal controls at meetings, lectures, interviews and presentations. They have their own rechargeable battery, which can also be upgraded with an external battery, thus gaining additional recording time. Did you know?

Tracking your PREMIUM phone for one month with an extension option

According to the instructions, the process takes 10 - 15 minutes. If you have a new phone for giving or advice, come to us!
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Based in Slovenia, Central Europe ...

Visit us at road Trzaska cesta 297 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are more than an online store. You can view, test and buy from us from 10:00 to 15:00 during the week or by prior arrangement at +386 51 704 555 (Martin / Miha).

Based in Slovenia, Central Europe ... with all the good and bad things what comes together with being located in EU country. EU customers don't have to deal with duties and importing problems (but have to pay VAT, which is included in the prices). Customers outside of EU (and EU VAT registered companies) see prices without VAT. We ship worldwide. Provide us with needs and we will provide you solutions.

You got lost?     Map to us  :-)

Naročite danes in prejmi jutri domov ali na Gls točke po vsej Sloveniji:

Spy Live listening from unlimited distances

Sometimes there is a need to listen to a meeting live and need an immediate response. In this case, gsm listening systems operating on the GSM network or devices that record on their own memory are used if you listen to the conversation and you have turned  on your phone's voice recorder . Find out more!

Prisluškovalna mini naprava z mobitel kartico

GSM device for tapping

Most affordable selling listening device which can last up to 7 days!

In stock

Tracking your PREMIUM phone for one month with an extension option

According to the instructions, the process takes 10 - 15 minutes. If you have a new phone for giving or advice, come to us!

In stock

GSM listening device LongLive20

it costs 2.5 hours of detective work, and detects 25x more

In stock

Gsm listening device longlive60

when it goes for real and except no jokes: 2 microphones, 20 days of standby or 20 hours of continuous listening

In stock
gsm prisluškovalna naprava longlive10

GSM listening device LONGLIVE 10

Exclusive eavesdropping device without competition

In stock

Galaxy S10+ G975F Samsung

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock

Did you know?

It is often misunderstood that there is no legal basis for this kind of recording. This is not true, since such a spy camera evidence just comes to court when you're innocent and they want to condemn you. You wait until the last one, and then you pull the ace out of the sleeve and prove the opposite, that you are not guilty. But you can not show the tracks anywhere else and by then only for personal use.Special features

Ko skupaj rešimo problem, si privoščite masažno sprostitev:

Breo iDream3S Digital Eye and Head Massager

In stock


In stock


In stock
Dron bo posnel tvoj selfie iz zraka! :-)

Dron WiFi s kamero in FPV na telefon

Za nagrado si lahko kupite tale dron in se sprostite z letenjem v višave in dron bo posnel tvoj selfie iz zraka! :-)
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Izbrana oprema, ki brezhibno deluje. Enostavno nameščanje kateremu ste kos tudi sami.

Security is vital, as well as trust. But sometimes you should not trust or trust is misused. Feel angry or hide the sadness, disappointment, pain. Holding your head will not make the right decision. If you are looking for a culprit, we may have an answer. Already suspect, do you want confirmation? We helped with the cases of theft, vandalism, personal problems with a partner, minors, employees, etc.). Spyshop can help you, as we specialize in audio and video surveillance and spyware. Here you can find the most equipment for personal protection or control.

We follow the vision and we are world with the most equipment in one place. We are developing new products and we believe in the success of the company at every step. We work with pleasure  and we are  sure of the products we offer . And then there are  satisfied customers!

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