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We offer both traditional and discreet dictaphones . Offer sensitive digital voice recorders to record time using its own battery up to 18 hours at a stretch. In our assortment you will also find useful dictating to lectures , or for covert recordings of meetings.

Of course in our offer we are also mini voice recorders , digital voice recorders and activating sound.

Diktafoni Mini so spy snemalniki zvoka za naknadno poslušanje posnetkov preko telefona ali pcja

Diktafon Lawmate AR-100 Voice Recorder

AR-100 Mini-Diktiergerät getarnt in einer Autofernbedienung

Začne snemanje ob zvočni aktivaciji! 18 ur snemanja!

Not in stock
140,00 €

Brezžični snemalnik telefonskih pogovorov na Bluetooth

Brezžični snemalnik telefonskih pogovorov na Bluetooth

Auf Lager
195,00 €

Digital voice recorder with LCD display and sensitive microphone

Miniature, but very handy voice recorder with a wide range of functions

Not in stock
150,00 €
Snemalnik zvoka v powerbank

Diktafon MP-L500 v bateriji

Operation time up to 5 months Built-in rechargeable battery 3000 mAh 16 GB memory capable to store 570 h of recordings 2 operation modes

Auf Lager
247,00 €
diktafon v obliki usb ključka

Diktaphon in Form eines USB-Sticks

Snemanje ob zaznavi zvoka s 25dni pripravljenosti, snemanje do 24 ur pogovora (ker snema ob zaznavi bo zdržal krepko dlje!)

Auf Lager
137,00 €

Edic-mini Tiny Solar digitalni diktafon

zvočna aktivacija, digitalni diktafon s sončno energijo

Not in stock
597,80 €

pisalo z vgrajenim diktafonom

Battery life of up to 250 hours at detection voice mode

Auf Lager
199,95 €

Sedenje telefona PREMIUM - mesečna naročnina

Če ste za partnerja, otroka kupili nov telefon ali imate dostop do starega telefona in veste PIN ali vzorec, lahko sedaj lahko na daljavo namestimo spy program. Postopek namestitve traja 15 minut.

Auf Lager
127,00 €

Sensitive voice recorder with voice activation

Voice activation, with optional sensitivity and recording time up to 15 hours.

Auf Lager
129,32 €

Snemanje telefonskih klicev za IPhone, Android ter ostale mobitele

Unique voice recorder for recording calls from the iPhone and other mobile

Not in stock
119,95 €

Specialni diktafon STAR25PY

Priporočamo nakup 2x cenejši diktafon v powerbanku ali 3,5x cenejšega diktafona v usb ključku

Auf Lager
495,00 €

SS450 avdio snemalnik s 240 h snemalnega časa

ima izjemen čas snemanja 240 ur in čas aktivacije / pripravljenosti 450 dni.

Not in stock
594,99 €

Top recorder in a flash drive with an extremely durable and high-quality sound.

Snemanje ob zaznavi zvoka s 25dni pripravljenosti, snemanje do 15 ur pogovora

Not in stock
139,95 €
Voice Recorder und Sound Recorder im Exclusive USB Stick mit einem Zeitstempel

Top recorder in a flash drive with an extremely durable and high-quality sound.

Snemanje ob zaznavi zvoka s 25dni pripravljenosti, snemanje do 24 ur pogovora (ker snema ob zaznavi bo zdržal krepko dlje!)

Not in stock
169,95 €
Mini diktafon v obliki usb ključka

Usb ključ kot snemalnik zvoka 4GB ali USB snemalna prisluškovalna naprava

mini diktafon v usb, do 4 ure z enim polnjenjem

Not in stock
89,95 €

Zvočni snemalnik SPYR-300 diktafon

Not in stock
179,95 €
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Spy Dictaphone SS125-075 Audio Recorder - 75 h of continuous recording and up to 125 daysin voice detection mode (standby mode)

Spy dictaphone SS225-135 Audio Recorder - 225 days in Voice activation mode and 135 hoursof Recording time with HQ audio using Mp3 codec for perfect compression. Extremely thin; 3.5 mm.  

Spy dictaphone SS-450 Audio Recorder - 450 days Voice activation period and 240 hoursRecording Time. Possibility to set date and time for file names. 8 GB internal memory and HQ audio using Mp3 codec for HQ compression. Recommended for law enforcement use.

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