Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery
Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery

Wireless 4G spy hidden camera system with long-lasting battery

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The first truly wireless camera system

Private-Eye PE-C2-2JBP  is a unique camera system featuring 2 hidden cameras and a special outdoor 4G modem designed especially for building sites, camps or campsites. It is the only system on the market that is really wireless, which means you do not need to bring a data or power cord to the cameras Communication between cameras takes place wirelessly up to 100 meters away . An integrated high-capacity battery ensures up to 6 months of operation without recharging . Long-lasting, besides the battery, the PIR has a motion sensor that makes the cameras in a quiescent state almost zero power.

The system is equipped with a 4G module that allows you to install it almost anywhere and be online.


Product details

Typical use:

  • effective site security
  • oversight of farms or estates
  • parking guarding
  • monitoring of black dumps
  • monitoring any remote or temporary objects

Main advantages:

  • simple and fast installation
  • camera life up to 6 months without recharging
  • mobile applications for online preview, remote playback of records, instantaneous motion detection notification and other features

Outdoorový 4G LTE modem Secutron LS-1 Secutron UltraLife WiFi kamera

Functions and parameters:

  • Battery life up to 6 months

    On one charge, the cameras can last up to 6 months. The long-lasting, integrated high-capacity 3.7V rechargeable battery, combined with a PIR sensor, takes care of the camera only when the motion is detected. The central unit with the 4G modem is equipped with a 12V 6 800mAh battery and can be activated or deactivated remotely via SMS commands. In standby mode, the central unit can operate for up to 6 days. 

    Discrete cameras

    The cameras are hidden in a normal installation box at first glance, allowing you to capture what the ordinary camera system does not capture. 

  • Wireless transmission
    Communication between the main unit and the cameras takes place wirelessly via the encrypted channel. The realistic maximum is up to 100 meters in free space.
  • Activating under 1 second A
    wake-up of the camera and the activation of recording is less than 1 second from the moment the camera detects movement. 
  • Online Mobile Phone Surveillance
    By using the Android smartphone application, we can connect to the main unit at any time over the Internet and view camera images or view previously recorded records .
  • PIR motion detectors
    The cameras are equipped with a sensitive PIR motion detector that instantly activates the recording. Motion is detected at a distance of 8 to 12 meters.
  • HD resolution
    Cameras record video at 1280x720px. The angle of view is 70 ° .
  • Store records
    Records are stored in each camera separately on the local micro SD card. Up to 88 hours of recording can be stored on the memory cardIn the event of a fill, the oldest entries will automatically be rewritten.

How the system works

The entire system works completely wirelessly . Both cameras and 4G modems are equipped with their own batteries, so the whole system can be installed without any cables. The cameras work in a power saving mode with only around 1mA of power consumption. As soon as the camera detects motion, it almost immediately starts recording on the local micro SD and then resumes sleep.

The special 4G modem supplied with the cameras is equipped with its own battery, allowing up to 22 hours of active operation or 5-6 days in standby mode. From stand-by mode, the modem can be remotely remotely via the SMS command. It is then necessary to wait for the cameras to be connected to the modem, and then we can activate the online preview, check what is happening at the moment or view the recorded camera recordings. After that, we can once again switch the modem to stand-by for the most durable mode.

We can only notify mobile on the move when the 4G modem is in active mode. 

Camera layout

The cameras can be placed freely up to 100 meters away from the 4G modem on direct visibility. The normal reach of the building is about 30 meters.

Storage of data

We store a memory card (up to 32GB) on each camera for storing the records from the camera. We can play your record remotely through a mobile app without having to physically remove the card.

System Operator

We control the camera system exclusively through an Android app from a smartphone. Through the app we can:

  • receive motion detection alerts
  • activate the online camera preview
  • configure the individual cameras
  • to play back recorded pictures

Possible extensions

  • solar power for 4G modem
  • installing a larger capacity battery into a 4G modem
  • adding any number of cameras
  • adding IR illuminators to record in complete darkness

Package contents:

  • main unit
  • 2x hidden cameras in the installation box
  • 2x 3.7V fast charger
  • 2x power cord
  • 1x 4G Private LS-1 modem with own battery and remote switch
  • 1x 12V charger 
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